My Favorite Posts from 2019

This is another one that’s pretty much become an annual tradition here at The Confusing MiddleYesterday I looked back at which posts from the year were the most viewed according to the WordPress analytics. Today, I’m pulling out the posts that I personally enjoyed writing the most.

I will say that there are some on yesterday’s list that I would have happily included with today’s, but I didn’t want to be redundant. So, here are, in no particular order, my 20 favorite blog posts from 2018.

Question of the Week #177 I don’t typically get a lot of responses from people when I post the weekly-ish questions, but this one surprised me by the number of comments it received, especially considering the subject matter.

Reviewing the Bucket List I figured it was time to take a look back at the Bucket List I’d put together three years prior and see what I could cross off. In nearly a year since this post, I’ve been able to cross off a couple more.

A short piece of fiction that I had a lot of fun with.

A Reboot I Can Get On Board With
In a world filled with remakes and reboots, I came up with a few franchises into which I wouldn’t mind seeing some new life breathed.

Abducted in Plain Sight
Shared some thoughts I had after seeing the Netflix documentary of the same name. I’m still shaking my head.

Sleep Study
Shared some thoughts I had after reading an article about a real scientific study that someone paid money for. I’m still shaking my head.

Unexpected Provision
It’s funny how God will provide even when it’s something we’re not necessarily looking for.

…And the Home of the Brave
The true story of how I got to cross off an item from my Bucket List: singing the Star-Spangled Banner at a minor league baseball game.

Some Thoughts on Cobra Kai
This is an example of a reboot that’s been done correctly. It continues the Karate Kid story in the best possible way.

Like a (Poorly Tailored, Really Tiny) Glove
The true story of squeezing into a 13 year old suit.

These Dreams
I got through stretches of time where I’ll remember my very vivid, very strange dreams. This post contained four of them.

That Time I Got Tricked Into Watching Peppa Pig
In part, this was an experience with some old friends and a graduation party. In part, it was an observation of what the heck the kids are watching these days.

Splitting the Check
This was just me trying to make sense of why we so often see groups of people on TV shows split a check evenly among a group instead of having everyone just pay for what they ordered.

Playing Catch Up – Vogue Parody: 73 Questions About Me
Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. BTW, I love answering long questionnaires. And the more creative I can be with my answers, the better.

I’ll Be There for You
Another post about a dream I had. But this one wasn’t strange. It was actually very pleasant. I don’t want to give it away… You can read it for yourself.

The Batman Whose Voice I Still Hear
Batman: The Animated Series celebrated 25 years in 2019. I celebrated by calling attention to the iconic voice actor who is still the voice of Batman in my mind, and will be until the day I die… or I stop reading Batman comic books, whichever comes first.

Stephen King’s CommunITy
This is sort of based on another dream I had, where the cast of Community replaced the cast of It: Chapter Two. How would the study group deal with Pennywise the Dancing Clown?

When Bloggers Meet
I got to cross off yet another item on my bucket list when I met Bex this year!

13 Lessons Learned from Horror Movies
I think these are some good rules to live by. Sorry I couldn’t pare it down to three like Randy in the Scream trilogy.

My Blogging Journey
I’ve been keeping a blog in one form or another for over 15 years now. This is my story.

So… Those are the posts. Do with them what you will. Personally, I hope you enjoy them. I had a blast writing them. And re-reading them over the last few days. I’m incredibly insightful. And hilarious. But you already knew that! See you tomorrow, kids!

Feature Photo by Cristian Escobar on Unsplash


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Posts from 2019

  1. It’s so neat when I see bloggers who do this every year – posting their favourite posts from the year and their best posts from the year. I’ve thought about it but have no idea what I’ve written that I would include in it HAHA!

    Hope this year has just as many amazing posts for you to share next year!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How did I miss you It/Community mashup dream post!? Just read it… love the idea, but very strange to dream of.

    Gotta be honest, I was waiting to see where our meet up post was going to fall on the list. 😉 I loved meeting you and hope to plan a get together again this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I said they weren’t in any particular order… but that was a lie. Pretty sure they’re in order of publication. We’ll definitely have to plan something once I’m settled into my new job and have a thorough understanding of how my schedule works!

      Liked by 1 person

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