These Dreams

I’ve been having some memorable and vivid dreams lately. Now, I have a tendency to go through phases in my sleep where I’ll go a month or so not remembering any of my dreams. And then I’ll have a week where I have one or two dreams per night that I can very easily recall.

But these dreams I’ve had in recent days nights have been sort of disturbing. For the most part. I mean… they’re not what I’d consider nightmares. But they’re not exactly smile times. And I think I can chalk that up to the stress I’ve been under in dealing with my car.

1. I was visiting a friend’s cabin. Do you remember that old show, Coach? Craig T. Nelson played a college football coach. Well, it was his cabin, the character from the show. I guess we’re friends now. And while I was there he was dealing with an issue with his daughter. And then, out of nowhere, the little zombie girl from Pet Sematary showed up and tried to kill us all so she could bury us in the old burial ground and make us undead, too. The cabin wound up engulfed in flames. I woke up just as the little girl (on fire) calmly tried to kill the dog. I said it was disturbing…

2. It was the beginning of the apocalypse. Like, everyone knew it, too. I ran into a couple friends from church at the grocery store and that place was a madhouse. But we just kept our eyes on a TV hanging on one of the walls. The news was reporting a storm headed our way. It was bigger than any hurricane in recorded history and was expected to devastate everything. Then, I’m not sure how I got there, but I was in a big house that doesn’t exist next to the Hollywood sign. For some reason, we had electricity while the rest of LA was blacked out. So we knew we could expect people to head our way, and we were trying to get ready for them, as a safe zone. But, at the same time, we were trying to come up with ways to turn people away because we knew there was no way we could help everyone. It got dark, fast. When I woke up the next morning, I frantically turned on the news and checked social media, just to make sure I hadn’t missed the rapture.

3. The next dream wasn’t quite as disturbing, but it did involve my dad. I’m never sure what to think about dreams where he shows up. I mean, it’s great that I get to see him, even if it is just a memory shaping up in some new, unexpected way. But then I wake up and he’s gone all over again. I guess that’s the disturbing part.

4. And then, last night, I wouldn’t say the dream was so disturbing as it was emotional. And I don’t mean I woke up in tears or anything. But I do remember feeling angry throughout the ENTIRE dream. And I’m pretty sure I was still mad when I woke up. It started out all right. I was planning to meet my mom at the Grandin Theater to see a movie. (If you don’t know anything about that theater in Roanoke, VA, Google it. It’s a pretty neat place to see a movie.) I got there and was kept waiting because the movie was delayed. It was delayed because the local high school (the one I went to) was having graduation. I was confused because graduation should have been weeks ago. I was getting impatient, so I basically stole some popcorn and a soda. Then my mom volunteered the both of us to help the catering company that was providing food for the graduates and their families. I was mad that mom would volunteer me without asking, so I took off. When I got back to my (current) apartment, I thought it was odd that several people who don’t live here were here. People I didn’t know. I ignored them and went back to my room and locked the door. But the light was on… and I knew I didn’t leave the light on. And all of the stuff in my closet was now out of my closet. So I threw open my door and burst into my roommate’s room to ask him what was going on. Remember, I’m pissed at this point. Also, it should be noted that my roommate, in the dream, is not my roommate in real life. In fact, it was Jack Black. And when I confronted him about the fact that someone had to have been in my room to have ransacked it the way it was, he just smirked at me. I wanted punch his smug face. But I woke up.

Weird stuff, right? Any readers out there fancy themselves dream interpreters? I’m curious what some of this could mean on a psychological level.

Feature Photo by Sylvie Tittel on Unsplash

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