The Confusing Middle’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

Happy New Year! And welcome to what has become an annual tradition here at The Confusing Middle. This is the post where I take a look at the statistics provided by WordPress to see which of the posts that went up throughout the year were the most popular among visitors to the site.

Please note, these are not necessarily my favorite posts of the year. These are the ones that proved to be most popular among regular readers and those who stumbled upon my blog in one way or another. I’ll have my favorites list up tomorrow.

10 – Upheaval
I recently experienced yet another change in occupation. This is the story of what led to that decision.

9 – Aaron’s Surprise Birthday Party
Remember that time when Paul (The Captain’s Speech) threw me a surprise birthday party? It was pretty awesome.

8 – So… I’m Doing the Whole30 Again…
For some reason I got it into my head that putting myself through the Whole30 would be a good idea. What this post doesn’t reveal is that I failed miserably the second time around. I think I made it three days.

7 – Avoid the Noid
I got nostalgic after an episode of The Goldbergs reminded me that Domino’s old nemesis, The Noid, was once a thing. A weird thing…

6 – Broken
This was me trying to make sense of how my mom inexplicably broke her sternum. Still can’t figure it out…

5 – Welcome to My Home
A virtual tour of my awesome apartment. Stop by any time! I still don’t have that sofa I’m wanting to get, but we still have awkward seating on that old twin bed.

4 – He Would Have Been 66 Today
Looking back at my dad’s birthday. Seems my blog enjoys a spike in popularity whenever I write something about Dad.

3 – It Pours
When difficulties have a tendency to pile on top of one another… It kind of turned into a rough final quarter of 2019 for the family.

2 – Thirteen Years Later
I don’t know that I’ll always write a blog post marking the anniversary of when Dad passed away, but this year I did.

1 – 100 Random Facts About Me 3.0
Pretty self explanatory. I was actually surprised this was the most visited new post this year. I guess I should be flattered… Does this mean people want to get to know me on a more personal level?

That wraps it up for 2019. Well… for this part of 2019. Come back tomorrow for my personal top 10 posts of last year.

Feature Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash


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