Stephen King’s Community

Well, it was bound to happen. And I’ve done it again. I had another really bizarre dream.

Only this time I wasn’t blissfully married to Jennifer Aniston. This time I dreamed about a movie that I haven’t even seen yet.

My dream played out as if I were experiencing It: Chapter Two in the shoes of one of the main characters.

But I wasn’t Bill Denbrough, the stuttering leader of the Losers Club, played this time around by James McAvoy. I wasn’t Mike Hanlon, the lighthouse keeper of the group who never left Derry, portrayed by Isaiah Mustafa. I definitely wasn’t Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain).

As it turns out, I wasn’t a part of the Losers Club at all. In fact, the Losers Club was nowhere to be seen.

No, what makes this dream as bizarre as it was is the fact that it was something of a mashup between It and the TV show, Community. That’s right, the group of people trying to stop the other worldly evil of Pennywise the Dancing Clown was the study group from Greendale Community College.

I’m pretty sure my point of view changed a few times throughout the dream. And I think that was my unconscious mind trying to protect me from the killer clown and/or the other forms It took, the people It seemed to possess, etc.

I do know that, at one point, I was definitely in the shoes of Jeff Winger. And I was definitely trying to lawyer my way out of being eaten. Or maybe I was trying to speechify Pennywise to death.

I’m pretty sure I was also Pierce at one point, bumbling around, doing more harm than good.

Abed was no help… he just kept pointing out all the tired horror tropes that were being blatantly used to make this movie scary.

I do remember seeing Troy completely lose it. He burst into tears and started panic running all over the place. It was worse than that time he met Levar Burton.

Also, at another point while I was Jeff, It made Britta and Annie try to attack me using plastic utensils. Britta attempted to behead me with a pair of plastic knives that she was trying to use like scissors. But she Britta’d it and I managed to get away.

There were also flashes of different ways that It had succeeded in killing everyone in the study group and a definite sense that we were all trapped in some kind of time loop, because I definitely wondered aloud how many times we’d done this.

Y’all… if the real It: Chapter Two is anywhere near as bonkers as this dream, it’ll definitely be worth the price of admission.

Coming to the end of this, I realize that not much of this makes sense. And it makes even less sense if you’ve never seen Community or know who any of its characters are. And if that’s the case, then shame on you! Community was one of the most brilliant comedies of our generation and deserves a movie in its own right! All six seasons are currently available on Hulu. Watch it, come back, re-read this post… it’ll make more sense, I promise.

Anyway… It: Chapter Two is in theaters now. Warner Bros. is not sponsoring this blog post, but I’m sure they’d still appreciate receiving your money for seeing their movie.


2 thoughts on “Stephen King’s Community

  1. Just the commercials that I see for IT Chapter 2 are enough to scare me. There is no way that I would want to see the movie lol BUT I do think that the cast of Community would be amazing at killing the clown I know nothing about how to kill or anything about the story other than it’s a horrible evil clown and that’s enough for me to stay away. Maybe the cast of Community should try to kill it in chapter 3?


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