Taking the Captain’s Quiz

Kids, you know I love a good challenge. And Paul over at The Captain's Speech has presented the blogosphere with one heck of a challenge today. It's called The Captain's Quiz and everyone is invited to take it. I won't explain his rules here because that would probably tempt you to avoid going over there … Continue reading Taking the Captain’s Quiz

My Favorite Posts from 2020

This is another one that’s pretty much become an annual tradition here at The Confusing Middle. The other day, I looked back at which posts from the year were the most viewed according to the WordPress analytics. Today, I’m pulling out the posts that I personally enjoyed writing the most. I will say that there are … Continue reading My Favorite Posts from 2020

100 Random Facts About Me 4.0

I first did a 100 Random Facts post not long after I began this blog. But that was six years ago. I did an update in 2017, and again in 2019, but things continue to change. Because that’s life. The only thing you can be sure of in life is that things will change. Also, … Continue reading 100 Random Facts About Me 4.0

The Confusing Middle’s Top 10 Blog Posts from 2020

Well... Here we are. Another year has gone by, bringing us to another Top 10 list here at The Confusing Middle. I thought about skipping this annual tradition this year. Because, even though I made a conscious effort to post something every day, the numbers aren't exactly earth shattering. Then again, they probably aren't too … Continue reading The Confusing Middle’s Top 10 Blog Posts from 2020

Hallotober Tag 2020

I was tagged by Bex over at BEXoxoBlog. Go check out her page and give her a follow if you haven't already. She's the only friend I've known through blogging whom I've met in the real world. Therefore, I basically trust her with my life. Thanks for the tag! The Rules: Thank the person who … Continue reading Hallotober Tag 2020

10 Scenes That Will Make Me Cry Every Time

I want to start out by saying this isn't the post I intended to write today. No, my plan was to write a story based on Paul's challenge. However, as I was writing, I really didn't like where it was going. So I scrapped it. So, Paul, I apologize. Your story is next and it … Continue reading 10 Scenes That Will Make Me Cry Every Time

Challenge Me… Again

Something I used to love doing on my old blog and even on this one in the early years was to make an attempt at writing some fiction. Back in the day, I followed a blog called Sunday Scribblings that would post a one word prompt encouraging other bloggers to write a post based on that … Continue reading Challenge Me… Again

30 Questions

I'm totally stealing this from Paul over at The Captain's Speech, after he was tagged by Bill from A Silly Place. Because answering 30 questions posed by someone else represents, to me, a blog post that I don't have to think much about when it comes to the writing. So thanks for the questions, fellas! 1. What … Continue reading 30 Questions

Here’s Another…

I'm sorry if it seems like yesterday and today are kind of just placeholders. But this is another classic video and stays in the vein of Star Wars. But it also pays tribute to the great John Williams. Enjoy... Feature Photo by James Pond on Unsplash

Because I Want to Keep Saying I’ve Posted Every Day This Year…

Yeah... sorry guys. I'm still not feeling it. But I still like having a streak. So you're getting this today. And I'm not making any promises about tomorrow, either. Anyway, I need a good laugh. And this is a classic. I hope it brings a smile to your face, too. P.S. - It helps if … Continue reading Because I Want to Keep Saying I’ve Posted Every Day This Year…