The Writers Strike of 2023

Kids, can we talk about this writers strike for a few minutes? Good. Because I have thoughts... First, let's travel back to late 2007 and early 2008. That's the last time the Writers Guild of America went on strike. At that time the movie and television writers were fighting not only for fair pay for … Continue reading The Writers Strike of 2023


Krypto… The Super Dog

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for you to meet Krypto. And here he is... Adorable, right? To properly tell this story, I need to go back a few years. Then I need to fast-forward to last September. Then I need to jump ahead to roughly three weeks ago. Are you with me so far? Remember … Continue reading Krypto… The Super Dog

A Lot’s Been Happening…

Hey kids... I know, it's been a while. And this isn't going to be the greatest of posts. Because... well, I don't actually have a reason. I guess it's not going to be the greatest of posts because I'm mostly just making this up as I go along. I have no plan for this. I'm … Continue reading A Lot’s Been Happening…

Just About the Dumbest Thing I Could Do

I got home from work and set about making dinner. I had been debating most of the afternoon what I would end up having. Before getting home, I couldn't even remember what I had at home to even make for dinner. Some cans of tuna in the cabinet? Sandwich meat in the fridge but no … Continue reading Just About the Dumbest Thing I Could Do

A Tale of Two Parking Citations

It's not often that I receive a parking ticket. Wait... let me rephrase that... It's not often enough that I receive a parking ticket. Here's how parking should work for me, if it were a perfect world. In a perfect world, I would feel completely safe leaving my car in the parking garage two blocks … Continue reading A Tale of Two Parking Citations


Well... I finally did it. The PlayStation 5 was released in North America on November 12, 2020. Since Sony only shipped about 37 units to stores nationwide, it was kind of hard for a lot of folks to get their hands on the next generation video game console. And because there was such high demand … Continue reading PS5

Hey… It’s Me Again

Not sure what happened to January... I really didn't expect to go the entire month without blogging. Especially after feeling like I was making a pretty strong comeback in December after taking so much time off throughout the fall of last year. Anyway... It's February already. I figure now's as good a time as any … Continue reading Hey… It’s Me Again

Reflecting on 2022

I'm going to say something that may come across as somewhat controversial. But I hope you'll stick with me... The last few years have been pretty rough, right? I mean, I remember this time last year thinking I wasn't ready for 2022 because I still hadn't recovered from the trauma of 2020. And now, here … Continue reading Reflecting on 2022

Some Goals for 2023

I'm not one who typically sets goals for myself at the start of a new year. I'm not a fan of making resolutions. The overwhelming pessimist in me just sees a New Year's resolution as a way to wind up disappointed by the end of February. But I've been thinking about the kind of year … Continue reading Some Goals for 2023


I've been thinking about it for a while. That thought has been the rearrangement of the furniture in my living room. But there's a problem with that... I have a very small living room. I have only so many pieces of furniture that can logically be moved to only so many logical locations in the … Continue reading Rearranging