All the Pizza

Maybe it’s because I’m currently on Whole30 and life is basically miserable. But I’ve been thinking about pizza a lot lately. Because I can’t have it. I miss it. I’ve said that already.

Pandemic - PizzaI may be delusional. But in thinking about all the pizza I can’t have, I’ve been thinking about all the different kinds of pizza I’ve had in my life. Paul may be the only one out there who will care about this, but I’d like to share my thoughts on some of the best pizza I’ve eaten over the years.

School Pizza – Maybe I’m crazy. But I can’t be the only one who looks back on the rectangular pizza they served up in the school cafeteria back in the late ’80s, right? The crust was more like what I’d describe as flatbread these days. The cheese was melted in a uniform fashion, you just know it was never any kind of shredded mozzarella. And the pepperoni wasn’t placed on there as flat circles. They were like little red cubes sprinkled all over. Pizza days were the best days.

Skating Rink Snack Bar Pizza – We’re still talking about those elementary days. Back then, I’m not sure what the deal was, but the school would take us to the local roller rink about once a month, so long as our parents signed the permission slip. Maybe it was some kind of reward for attendance or grades or behavior. I don’t know. But they had a snack bar there with pizza they sold for a dollar per slice. Something great about their menu was that tax was included in the price, so little kids didn’t have to try and have extra change when we handed over the dollar for our pizza. Anyway, you just know that pizza was probably the cheapest they could buy wholesale. But something about it was amazing. Maybe it was being out without parental supervision and spending my allowance on pizza and soda. The crust was thin and crispy and the cheese was greasy and gooey. Anyone got a time machine?

Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza – I know these still exist, but I rarely ever get these things anymore. But, when I was a kid, I got them a lot. Because I earned them. Anyone out there remember the Book It program? The deal was, a kid would read a book and get a sticker they could add to their Book It button. When they got so many star stickers (I can’t remember if it was five or six), they could take the button to Pizza Hut and turn it in for a free personal pan pizza. And, let me tell you, Pizza Hut knows what they’re doing. Thick, chewy, buttery crust. Delicious toppings. I may be drooling…

Papa John’s Pizza – The only other chain I’ll mention is Papa John’s. But that’s because I worked there for a while during my North Carolina years. I took heavy advantage of that 50% off employee discount. Pretty much every time I worked. Honestly, if I could take Pizza Hut’s crust and Papa John’s sauce, I think I could make the perfect pizza.

Dad’s Cast Iron Skillet Deep Dish Pizza – Except this was actually the perfect pizza. When Dad would make this pizza, I had no self control. There was no such thing as stopping when you felt full with this pizza. It was too delicious not to eat it all. I’m sure that he would tell you it wasn’t anything special. I think it was just a store bought pizza dough mix that he probably bought for a dollar. Then he’d throw other ingredients on it and bake it. I had a cast iron skillet for a while and attempted to duplicate his magic. I came close, but couldn’t quite get it right. When this Whole30 thing is over, remind me to buy a cast iron skillet so I can try again.

In the meantime, I may have to find a Pizza Hut in March so I can get a personal pan pizza for my first meal when I fall off the Whole30 wagon. Then again, my cousin gave me a Papa John’s gift card for Christmas that I still haven’t used up. So many choices. I just have to wait another 20 days.


6 thoughts on “All the Pizza

  1. I think we’re the same person……
    I loved school pizza days. As soon as I saw you mention it I had images of rectangular slices floating through my head and then you mentioned them.
    Pizza Hut personal pan are soooo good! I was first introduced to them as a kid when I went to the movies. Pizza Hut was one of the food places and all they sold were personal pans. I would get 2 and then after the movie I’d get another one to bring home. I loved when the cheese stuck to the box, so I could peel it off and eat it as a chunk oh my god I want it now.
    Papa John’s is my favourite pizza I think. When listing things I liked about university, Papa John’s is one of them. Their cinnamon sticks were outstanding. I bought an entire box for myself my last night of school.

    This post was fantastic. I don’t know how you’re gonna go 30 days, but I wish you luck.

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  2. We had the same rectangular pizza at school with the red cubed pepperoni! LOL Some things are constant across all locations – I’m glad school pizza is one of them. Did you ever eat the Red Baron frozen pizza breads? They’re quite delicious. I ate a ton of them in college.

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  3. Don’t get upset, but I’m taking my family to Pizza Hut today. It has been arranged for a week, so I’m not saying this to torment you. I’m a lot older than you are, but pizza in high school was toasted white break with a square of American cheese and a dollop of spaghetti sauce. Some kids swore it was ketchup, but I think it was spaghetti sauce. The funny thing is that it wasn’t half bad. But they should have come up with another name. Pizza, it was not.

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  4. So many memories! Did you have the breakfast pizza in school with the sausage pieces on it? Those where, in my opinion, better than the lunch pizza, and I grew up when the schools had pizza everyday, with stuffed crust pizza on Thursdays! My favorite pizza ever though, is the personal pan Party Pizza by Totinos with the cubed pepperonis in the freezer section in the grocery store… pure heaven!

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    • Honestly, I don’t remember ever having breakfast in school. I’m not sure if they offered that when I was going through or if I just never made a point to take advantage of it. At about the age of 7, I figured out how to use the toaster on my own, so it was mostly Pop-Tarts from then on out.

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