Originally written in February of 2011… “I am so freakin’ hungry!” screamed Hannah as she threw herself down on the couch. “Calm down, little girl. The pizza will be here any minute.” Cam was trying desperately to get his girlfriend to relax. She had been stressing out for weeks about issues at work. Hannah had … Continue reading Food

YouTube Spotlight: Hot Ones

I watch a lot of YouTube. Most of the time, if I'm at home during the day and working from home, I typically have YouTube going on my TV. I've got a number of YouTube channels that I've subscribed to and I love to just let the videos play on, automatically moving on to whatever … Continue reading YouTube Spotlight: Hot Ones

Cooking for Myself

Can we talk about meal planning? I'm single. I live alone. Meal planning should not be a stressful event in my life. In general, it isn't. But meal planning, for me, is probably not what typically comes to mind when someone uses the phrase, "meal planning." I know when I think "meal planning," I think … Continue reading Cooking for Myself

So… I’m Doing the Whole30 Again…

Alternatively, this post could have been titled “Of All the Decisions I’ve Ever Made in My Life More Than Once, I Question This the Most” or “Why I Clearly Still Hate Myself and Everything I Stand For.” Some of you may remember that, two years ago, I decided to join in with some friends who … Continue reading So… I’m Doing the Whole30 Again…

Some Kind of Shape

Kids... I need to get in shape. I know, round is, technically, a shape. But I need to get into some other kind of shape. The kind that will allow me to comfortably button up all those button up shirts I tend to wear unbuttoned. The kind that will allow me to walk from one … Continue reading Some Kind of Shape


I know... that's not even a word! In the last couple days, I've seen this phenomenon plastered on social media. I'm not sure if it's hit everyone's Twitter and Facebook feeds or if it's just mine. There's a real chance it's just mine and it simply means that social media has discovered my condiments of … Continue reading Mayochup


You know, I can go years without remembering that Spam is a "food" product that actually exists. But then, somehow, it comes up. And I'm bombarded with reminders of its existence everywhere. The other day, I don't know who started talking about it, but it became the topic of discussion for a minute or two. … Continue reading Spam

What I Learned from Whole30

First of all, I think I'm well within my rights and privileges as a human being to stop and take a sigh of relief at having completed such an ordeal. *sigh* *relief* Okay, let's continue. Y'all, 30 days ago, I somehow got roped into participating in the Whole30 with a group of coworkers and friends. … Continue reading What I Learned from Whole30

One Day More – An End to Whole30

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I decided to alter the lyrics to "One Day More" from Les Misérables. It gets confusing toward the end with all the overlapping. But I felt like ending Whole30 with a musical number. So here it is... VALJEAN One day more… Another day another destiny This never-ending road to Calvary … Continue reading One Day More – An End to Whole30

10 Foods I’ve Missed on Whole30

Kids, in less that one week, I will be finished with the 30 days required for the Whole30. I'm gonna kick this thing in the teeth. There have been so many things I've missed about my regular diet. I don't think I'm capable of listing all of the foods that have crossed my mind in … Continue reading 10 Foods I’ve Missed on Whole30