Really? Already?

Well... it happened. And we're not even a month into the new school year. I've got a cold. I mean, it's certainly not the end of the world. I've had worse. But to think we've gotten three full weeks of school under our belts. And even saying that is a stretch, because the first week … Continue reading Really? Already?


The Prince

Recently, Ely over at She Gives No Fox shared the story of how she came to love writing at a young age. Her story jogged my memory and reminded me that my own story of learning to love writing was somewhat similar. For Ely, it was second grade. For me, it was a few years … Continue reading The Prince

All the Pizza

Maybe it's because I'm currently on Whole30 and life is basically miserable. But I've been thinking about pizza a lot lately. Because I can't have it. I miss it. I've said that already. I may be delusional. But in thinking about all the pizza I can't have, I've been thinking about all the different kinds … Continue reading All the Pizza

A Letter to My Third Grade Self

Dear 8-Year-Old Aaron, Greetings from 28 years in the future! Before you ask, no, there are no flying cars and you do not have your own jetpack. Disappointing, I know. You do have a car, though. And it gets great gas mileage, something you'll appreciate when you're older. You're getting ready to start 3rd grade. … Continue reading A Letter to My Third Grade Self

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Throughout my work as a school counselor, I liked to post Facebook status updates which were not actually status updates at all. Instead, they were quotes from the kids I worked with at the elementary school on a daily basis. Some of them are a priceless kind of hilarious. Others are probably only funny to … Continue reading Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Change of Plans

This post was written in a time when I was still a counselor working in a first grade classroom. Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, the blog post that I had originally planned to post today is being preempted. Today's post was going to be about the first grade class that I observe and … Continue reading Change of Plans

The Poopsmith Strikes

It was just supposed to be a typical Tuesday. It was thought that it would be a fairly simple day. The faculty and staff of the local elementary school returned to work after an unexpected break thanks to a quick winter storm (a nice thought as we suffer through the oppressive humidity of summer). The … Continue reading The Poopsmith Strikes

Southern Ocean

One day, as I was observing a second grade classroom, I spotted a map on the wall. Recently, the kids have been learning about the world map and geography during the social studies portion of their day. Everything on the map was mostly as I remember it. All the continents were in the same places. … Continue reading Southern Ocean

The Single Guy and the Teacher

The following tale is based on actual events which occurred a number of years ago. This will be the first part of a trilogy of stories about the Teacher... I didn't have a lot of opportunities to meet single ladies in those days. Nor did I try. I spent a good 85% of my time … Continue reading The Single Guy and the Teacher

Question of the Week #43

When were you last in a fight? What caused it and who won? I think I was in 5th grade. It was the only real fight I've ever been in. And it wasn't so much a fight as it was me getting beat up. By a girl. That's right, I got beat up by a … Continue reading Question of the Week #43