Just About the Dumbest Thing I Could Do

I got home from work and set about making dinner. I had been debating most of the afternoon what I would end up having. Before getting home, I couldn't even remember what I had at home to even make for dinner. Some cans of tuna in the cabinet? Sandwich meat in the fridge but no … Continue reading Just About the Dumbest Thing I Could Do


On the 8th Day of Blogmas…

Disclaimer for anyone who may be related to me by blood: The contents of this blog post are meant to bring out the humor of our holiday get togethers and are intended as lighthearted ribbing as opposed to intentional hurt feelings or misunderstandings. Please note that no matter what is said in this blog post, … Continue reading On the 8th Day of Blogmas…

Cooking for Myself

Can we talk about meal planning? I'm single. I live alone. Meal planning should not be a stressful event in my life. In general, it isn't. But meal planning, for me, is probably not what typically comes to mind when someone uses the phrase, "meal planning." I know when I think "meal planning," I think … Continue reading Cooking for Myself

All the Pizza

Maybe it's because I'm currently on Whole30 and life is basically miserable. But I've been thinking about pizza a lot lately. Because I can't have it. I miss it. I've said that already. I may be delusional. But in thinking about all the pizza I can't have, I've been thinking about all the different kinds … Continue reading All the Pizza

Day Twenty One

A Recipe How to make cereal: Get the box out of the pantry/cupboard/wherever. Get the milk out of the fridge. Set the milk next to the box of cereal. Get a bowl and a spoon. Set them in front of the cereal and milk so it looks like the last two seconds of a cereal … Continue reading Day Twenty One