Whole30 Update: One Week Later

I hate everything.

Seriously, this is the most miserable thing. Ever.

No. I’m sorry. I’m certain that there are people in the world who are having a worse day than I am. But I haven’t had sugar, carbs, or caffeine in eight days. I’m having a difficult time forming selfless thoughts.

I’m having a difficult time forming any thoughts.

I want to quit Whole30. So badly.

The thought of quitting crosses my mind at least once a day. Usually as soon as I wake up in the morning. My first conscious thought of the day is something along the lines of, “I quit.”

But I haven’t quit. Not yet, anyway.

Do you know how hard it is to go out to eat with the staff on these Wednesday lunches?

It’s probably more challenging for me than the others because I’m the pickiest eater on earth. So most of the salads or veggies that other Whole30ers are enjoying are kinda gross to me.

I know I should use this as an opportunity to expand my pallet. But I just don’t know how to get there.

Lunch is Chipotle today. I like Chipotle. But I can’t get the burrito I usually get. I can’t even get the chicken that comes in it because it’s cooked in soybean oil. Which is apparently a no no. And we’ve already covered the veggie issue.

I don’t hate a salad. But I’m particular about the greens that comprise the thing. I like spinach. I can’t stand lettuce.

But even spinach is nearly intolerable without dressing. And there are so few dressings that are Whole30 compliant. And those few are way more expensive than they need to be.

I miss pizza. I miss tacos. I miss bread. I miss cereal. I miss milk. I miss cheese. I miss Coke.

I’m irritable. I’m snapping at friends. Things that don’t normally bother me are rubbing me the wrong way. I’m hungry all the time and I don’t really like most of the things I’m actually allowed to eat. I’m on the verge of tears.

I don’t want people to judge me for quitting.

But I want to quit.

18 thoughts on “Whole30 Update: One Week Later

  1. Don’t quit! I know it’s hard. The majority of the time (when I’m not weak and on a bender) I eat gluten/grain free and dairy free because of horrible allergies. You can do this. It does eventually get better.

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  2. I had a hard time liking this post because it made me sad! UGH! I hate that you are doing something that is so hard to tolerate, but I am proud of you for not quitting. Part of me wants to say quit! Life is too short to do things that make you this miserable, but I won’t! It isn’t for too many more days – in the grand scheme of things – it is a very short period of your life. And it will be wonderful to list as an accomplishment. When it is said and done, maybe you can make a happy medium, ditching the foods you didn’t miss too much. I’m talking outta my behind now. Good job & good night!


    • My description is not the official. But I’m cranky, so it’s probably best that the Whole30 people haven’t hired me as a spokesman. But for 30 days, you cut out all sugar, all dairy, all grains, all legumes. You eat only whole, unprocessed foods. The idea is that you’re hitting a reset button on your entire body by eliminating all of the potential allergens/toxins that we’re so used to ingesting. Personally, I miss the allergens/toxins that I’m used to ingesting. But I still haven’t quit. 30% of the way there.

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  5. I hope you made it trhough. Have you seen the guide on the whle30 website that actually tells you you’ll be feeling this way at this point? It’s a guide somewhere that helps you at least know what to expect in your frustrations along the way. It really helped me through my first whole30. Best wishes.

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  6. I’m about to embark on my own whole 30 adventure in one week.. and this is exactly how I envision myself feeling through days 1-15. I appreciate the honesty, but I hope you stick to the plan because I’ve been told it gets easier as your body becomes more familiar with the diet (I obviously don’t know from experience, yet!)

    I’m rooting for ya!


  7. You’re doing great! You haven’t had carbs?? I’ve been getting lots of carbs from potatoes and fruit. And coffee is ok as long as it’s black. And I get plenty of sugar from fruit! I’d die without those things. I do crave an entire box of girl scout cookies at times… It’s been tough but not miserable… hope you can find some foods to eat that you like. No point in being miserable (in my opinion). Oh and I’ve been liking Tessamae’s Ranch dressing. Sweet potato fries are delicious as well. Hang in there!! 🙂

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    • It definitely got better! I figured out that I was allowed to have sweet potatoes, so that helped with the carbs. I still stayed off the caffeine. I’m not a fan of coffee when it has all the cream and sugar in it, so I knew I wouldn’t like it black. But I survived it… lost 15 pounds, too. Oh, yeah, Tessamae’s Ranch was a life saver on salads. Their lemon & garlic dressing is pretty good, too.

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