Open Letter to Predatory Telemarketers

Dear Predatory Telemarketers, Please stop calling me. Ha! Like I actually think saying "please" will get me anywhere with you people. I know the calls will never stop. But you really need to be smarter about this whole thing, okay? It's one thing for you to call me on my personal cell phone number, which … Continue reading Open Letter to Predatory Telemarketers

The Next Movie List

It occurs to me that I will be coming to the end of my Favorite Movies List in a little over a month. This leaves me with the question: what do I do with my Mondays after we get through number one? Personally, I like movies. I like watching them. I like having excuses to … Continue reading The Next Movie List

Why Are They Called Martians?

No... I get it. They're from the planet Mars, so we call them Martians. That part makes sense. But I have to ask, why is it that in so many science fiction stories the Martians refer to themselves as Martians? Of course, I haven't read or seen every bit of entertainment out there that features … Continue reading Why Are They Called Martians?


I had another weird dream last night... This time, I dreamed that I was the kid from Big. I was at the fair and I found myself alone with the creepy Zoltar machine. Just like in the movie, I plunked in my quarter and got the machine working. Zoltar's creepy eyes began to glow and … Continue reading Zoltar

Give Early, Give Often

Here we are... another one of those days where things just didn't go as planned. Sorry... My plan was to write some more Friday Fiction since Mastermixmovies was kind enough to add another writing challenge last week. Unfortunately, as you can see, that's not happening today. I promise, I'll get to it next week. Today, … Continue reading Give Early, Give Often

People are the Worst

This is the conclusion I've reached. Disclaimer: I'm not sure where I'm gonna go with this. I'm mostly trying to make sense of some of the things I'm feeling. Yesterday, I made the mistake of turning on the news for the first time in, probably, about two weeks. Man, did I pick a day to … Continue reading People are the Worst

Remember the Animator?

Did anyone else have one of these as a kid? I kind of feel like I was the only one... It was made by Ohio Art, the same company that produced the Etch A Sketch. You've gotta know what that is, right? The drawing toy that made it impossible to draw a circle. Anyway, this … Continue reading Remember the Animator?

Checking In

Hey, kids. How are y'all doing? No, really. How are y'all doing? The world is crazy right now and it can be super easy for us to go crazy right along with it. It's one thing for us to wish each other well, to stay healthy and safe during a pandemic like this. But all … Continue reading Checking In

We Are the World

This is actually a post I meant to write a long time ago. Back before I transitioned into one of the work from home masses, I was still driving around with my clients and listening to the radio. At that time, around mid-March, we were still on the cusp of understanding just how serious the … Continue reading We Are the World

Late to the Quarantine Party

For the last couple of weeks, as the rest of the United States has slowed to a crawl and been systematically shutting down, I've continued being in the world. Calm down, it's not because I'm being irresponsible and saying screw social distancing. It's because my job has been deemed essential. Because mental health doesn't really … Continue reading Late to the Quarantine Party