A Dater’s Guide to Disney Princesses: Rapunzel

Rapunzel.gifPoor girl…

She lived a sheltered life until she was 18. She was locked away in a tower for “her own good.” The woman that raised her kept her away from the world because it wouldn’t be safe for her if people knew about the magical properties that her hair possessed.

The truth of the matter was that Old Lady Gothel wanted all that magic for herself, just to stay forever young. Sidebar: Did you ever notice that when Gothel says, “I love you,” she’s actually making eye contact with Rapunzel’s hair? Yeah. Messed up.

Rapunzel, as it turns out, is not the kind of girl to just sit back and play the damsel in distress. Sure, she’s a little naive as we start the story, but she goes on this whirlwind adventure and discovers that the woman she’s called “Mother” all these years has been lying to her. Then, the fury begins. Just a whirl of wind and arms and fingernails. And hair.

BTW… If Gothel had just taken her lies a step further, by telling Rapunzel that her birthday was a different date from the time she was old enough to understand birthdays, she would have never been curious enough about the lanterns to ever leave the tower. Maybe.

Should You Date Her?


Rapunzel’s the kind of girl who obviously does not need some guy to come along and save her. Well, she does. But not for the traditional reasons.

Flynn Ryder shows up and just happens to be in the wrong place at the right time. Rapunzel’s looking to make an escape from her tower and Flynn’s arrival just happens to be serendipitous happenstance.

I’m sure I used that phrase all wrong.

Anyway, she manipulates him into helping her leave home for the first time. She’s excited and a little jumpy at first, but she quickly learns how to take care of herself in the real world. In no way does she let herself become a lesser character than her leading man. She stands equal with him throughout the film. And, in the end, she’s the one who saves his life, not the other way around.Rapunzel - Hair.gif

What did I say about the previous princesses?


5 thoughts on “A Dater’s Guide to Disney Princesses: Rapunzel

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  3. Now she is definitely a keeper. I mean a girl who swings a frying pan over a guys head is a keeper. She is totally in charge, has no fear and does what she really wants to do. And she does not need any help. So there you go. Date her…

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