A Dater’s Guide to Disney Princesses: Belle

beauty-and-the-beast-belleBeauty and the Beast is definitely my favorite of these Disney animated films. In fact, it’s a lot of people’s favorite. It’s so cherished, in fact, that it’s being remade as a live action movie starring Hermione Granger Emma Watson as Belle.

Now, this isn’t the same as the classic Beauty and the Beast tale that I remember hearing when I was younger. I mean, yes, I was young when this was released. But I’m talking about my single digit years. I don’t actually remember much about the versions I’d heard or seen prior to this, but I know there were no talking candelabras or teapots dancing around. It was just about a girl who was kind of being held against her will by a Teen Wolf. Oh, and if you’re expecting the story to be about an assistant DA in New York City being mugged in Central Park and then getting nursed back to health by a cat-looking dude who dresses like Shakespeare, you will be seriously disappointed.

Beauty and the Beast - Lumiere and Cogsworth.gifIn 1991, when this was first released, I remember thinking it was ridiculous to have home decor that interacted with the main characters. I was only 11, but I scoffed at how stupid this movie would be. Boy, was I wrong. It’s fun to watch. It’s fun to sing along. Go ahead, pretend like you’re not singing with Belle when she walks through the village saying bon jour to the townsfolk.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, what’s wrong with you? It’s a tale as old as time. Belle gives up her freedom to save her father who has been taken prisoner by a monstrous beast in a remote castle. What this guy was once the prince of, I have no clue. But in the process of living there and being given certain freedoms, Stockholm Syndrome sets in and Belle falls in love with the nameless Beast/Prince.

Should You Date Her?


Belle is one of the good ones. She’s well read and obviously educated. She powers through extensive novels daily. She revisits old stories that she’s already read because she loves to see them play out over and over again.

She’s not shallow, otherwise she be with that lunkhead Gaston. Clearly, with Belle, looks do not matter.

Also, she’s super strong. Think about it… When she runs away from the castle and is attacked by that pack of wolves, the Beast saves her. But then he passes out from his wounds. She runs to him and covers him with her cloak. Then the scene cuts to the Beast lying, unconscious, across the back of Belle’s horse. How did he get up there? She lifted him. That’s how.

She loves her family. Granted, the only family she has when we meet her is her father, Maurice. But she doesn’t care what the people of the town say about her dad, she’s there for him no matter what. And, as I mentioned above, she sacrifices her own freedom for his after they first encounter the Beast.

The Beast/Prince definitely comes out ahead in this relationship. Especially when she breaks the curse and all the servants become people again, meaning they have no furniture or dishes in the entire palace.beauty-and-the-beast-dancing


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