A Dater’s Guide to Disney Princesses: Rapunzel

Poor girl... She lived a sheltered life until she was 18. She was locked away in a tower for "her own good." The woman that raised her kept her away from the world because it wouldn't be safe for her if people knew about the magical properties that her hair possessed. The truth of the … Continue reading A Dater’s Guide to Disney Princesses: Rapunzel


The Truth About the Lies

Wednesday I played along with the twist on Two Truths and a Lie. And I promised that today I would reveal the answers. Despite having dozens of people drop by and read that post, only two decided to play along and guess at my lies. I also said I would challenge other bloggers to play … Continue reading The Truth About the Lies

The Lie in the Truths

Remember Paul? He's a blogging friend who was kind enough to act as one of my guest bloggers last week while I was on vacation. I'm sure most of you read his post. Because it received more traffic than anything I've written in months. In fact, each of my four guest bloggers' posts received so … Continue reading The Lie in the Truths

5 Ways to Convince a Girl to See Batman v Superman

So, you're thinking that this week's hotly anticipated Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice would make for a good date movie but your significant other respectfully disagrees. Statistically speaking, this is likely the case, unless your girlfriend happens to be as big a geek as you. If that's the case, young man, you hang on … Continue reading 5 Ways to Convince a Girl to See Batman v Superman


Originally written in February of 2011... "Tell me a story!" the kid said to the old man as they walked down the dirt road. The old man stopped and looked down at the boy. The kid had his hand wrapped around two of the fingers on the old man's left hand. He reached up and … Continue reading Story