A Dater’s Guide to Disney Princesses: Merida

Merida.gifMerida is the only character to come from a Pixar film to be named an official Disney Princess. Though she is not the only Pixar princess. Remember A Bug’s Life? That film featured Princess Atta and her younger sister, Dot, who I suppose would also be a princess. I did not include them on my own list of princesses because, well, they’re ants. No one wants to date an ant.

Anyway, back to Merida. She’s a young woman with untamed red hair and a fiery independent spirit. When it comes time for her to grow up and get married, she takes offense at the idea that she has no choice in whom she’ll end up with.

While three of Scotland’s finest vie for Merida’s hand in marriage, the princess decides to take the competition into her own hands. She proves herself to be far superior to the men in archery. This causes a rift to form between herself and her mother which leads to all sorts of hijinks and adventures.

Should You Date Her?

I find it troubling that she is willing to follow mysterious floating blue lights through a dark, scary forest.

Despite this, I say yes. But she probably won’t want to date you.

As I mentioned above, she is fiercely independent. I think she likes it that way. During the time period in which she lives, independent women were probably frowned upon. Having the personality that she clearly has, she would put a great deal of distance between herself and any man who would attempt to control her.

But why should you try and win her hand? Aside from the independence thing (which I do consider a huge plus), Merida is someone who is not afraid to carve her own path. She makes mistakes on her journey, but she admits her mistakes and will fight to correct those mistakes. She takes issue with the fact that her own mother wants to plan out her life for her, she gets angry with her mother, but is able to move past her anger to prove just how much she loves her.

Also, she’s wicked good with a bow and arrow. When that zombie apocalypse hits, she’s all set.merida-free

What did I say about the previous princesses?


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