A Dater’s Guide to Disney Princesses: Anna

anna-wake-upOh, Anna… Sweet, naive Anna.

Throughout the first act of Frozen, you feel pretty bad for her. Well, you feel bad for Elsa, as well, but we covered her last week.

As a young child, Anna is very close with her sister, Elsa. She gets injured in an accident involving Elsa’s icy powers, which causes their parents to freak out and overreact.

That overreaction leads to Elsa becoming a shut in and Anna losing her best friend along with any knowledge of Elsa’s capabilities. She grows up lonely due to the fact that the king and queen decided to close the gates. No one comes in and Anna, apparently, does not go out.

Watching the movie, we can assume that Anna is an extrovert, which makes being locked inside the castle a horrible punishment since she can’t interact with anyone else. This causes her to become overly excited and extremely naive about people once she finally has the opportunity to experience that interaction.

Should You Date Her?

I’m gonna go with no. Not that she’s a bad person or anything.

She’s brave to go after her sister in the sudden bitter winter that develops after Elsa’s powers are revealed. She fears that her sister is hurting and in danger, so she leaves the safety of her kingdom to find her. She also shows concern for her people and their well being as they attempt to survive the unseasonable cold weather. These are excellent qualities in a Disney princess.

But remember how I said it was likely she’d be really naive after being shut into the palace for most of her life? She “falls in love” with the first handsome prince that she meets. Within hours of meeting this guy, she decides she loves him and is ready to marry him.

Impulsivity isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But the way she does it is a bit extreme. As it turns out, her handsome prince that she so dearly loves isn’t exactly a stand up guy. In fact, he reveals himself to be the actual villain of the film, using Anna to take the throne for himself. These are the kinds of things you discover about someone if you date them for more than a few hours.

Beyond that, she seems kind of desperate. Again, I’m sure that’s due to being a shut in for so long. After seeing independent princesses like Rapunzel (also a shut in) and Merida, we take a step backward and find a princess whose only goal seems to be to land a man. If that’s your thing, that’s okay. It just doesn’t do much for me.Anna - Punch.gif

What did I say about the previous princesses?


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