AFI #44 – The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia StoryThe Philadelphia Story


Directed by George Cukor

Netflix says... Socialite Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn) prepares to remarry, but her ex (Cary Grant) and a tabloid reporter (Best Supporting Actor Oscar-winner James Stewart) have other ideas as they converge on her home for a fateful visit. The three stars from an incomparable trio in one of the most tantalizing screwball romances ever. And under the direction of George Cukor, this once-urbane Broadway comedy springs to life with precision and wit.

Movies with a love triangle are a dime a dozen. This little film is different. It has something of a love pentagon. As confusing as that sounds, it kind of works. This particular old school rom-com has a lot of funny moments. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I’m not even a big fan of Katharine Hepburn. Don’t think it’ll make my own top 100, though.


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