Authoress51’s Challenge

Name: Doofus Setting: School Object: Silly Putty Emotion: Failure "Did you know Silly Putty was an accident?" I asked Jeremy as I opened the red, plastic egg in which the putty was packaged. "That's great, Doofus," said Jeremy, "No one cares." It was 1992 and we were in the 2nd grade. Our teacher thought a … Continue reading Authoress51’s Challenge


Cupcakes and Rainbows

Tuesday evening I was having a hard time coming up with something to blog about. I'm sticking with that whole blogging every day thing for as long as I can. I've still got a streak going and I just don't want to break it unless I absolutely have no choice. So I took to the … Continue reading Cupcakes and Rainbows

My Blogging Journey

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about meeting a friend I've known through blogging for the first time. And I don't just mean meeting this particular person for the first time. I mean meeting someone I've only known through blogging for the first time. Ever. In that post, I mentioned how I'd made … Continue reading My Blogging Journey

When Bloggers Meet

I've been blogging off and on (mostly on) since 2005. No, it hasn't all been here on The Confusing Middle or hosted by the good people at the WordPress. My first decade in the world of blogging involved a blog titled Carp Dime and was hosted over at Blogger. I'm pretty sure Carp Dime is … Continue reading When Bloggers Meet

Playing Catch Up – Blogger Recognition Award

Hey, kids! As you can see, I'm still playing catch up after being a slacker in recent weeks. Well... a slacker as far as my internet and blogging life are concerned. In today's post I'm excited to say that I've been given a Blogger Recognition Award by Becky over at Strikeouts + Sprinkles! Thanks for … Continue reading Playing Catch Up – Blogger Recognition Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Y'all... I was nominated earlier this week for this Versatile Blogger Award. Twice. Please, hold your applause. First, I'd like to thank the Academy. I'd also like to thank that sweet little old lady that gets up at 4:00 a.m. every morning to make those made-from-scratch biscuits that Hardee's is so famous for. I don't … Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award

The Real Neat Blog Award

I’ve been slow to respond, but Suzi over at My Colourful Life nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award over the weekend. I mean, I commented on her post with a thank you, so I don’t want you guys to think I was blatantly ignore her. It’s just that today is the first day … Continue reading The Real Neat Blog Award

Two Truths & a Lie – Book Tag

Thanks so much to Becky for tagging me! If you haven't been to her blog, Strikeouts + Sprinkles, go check it out! How to Participate Create a post with your two bookish truths and one bookish lie—but be sure to keep it a secret so your readers can guess! Reveal the lie in a spoiler … Continue reading Two Truths & a Lie – Book Tag


I just want to take this moment to say thank you. As of yesterday, I now have 500 followers here on the WordPress. Honestly, I don't know what would possess that many people to click follow on my little corner of the internet, but I am super appreciative. I never guarantee that my posts are … Continue reading 500

My Favorite Posts from 2017

Last year, when I did a similar post about the things I posted in 2016, I wasn't able to limit my favorites to a list of 10. This year, I have been able to pick 10. And I think that's mostly because I didn't blog nearly as much in 2017 as I did the year … Continue reading My Favorite Posts from 2017