My Favorite Posts from 2017

Last year, when I did a similar post about the things I posted in 2016, I wasn’t able to limit my favorites to a list of 10. This year, I have been able to pick 10. And I think that’s mostly because I didn’t blog nearly as much in 2017 as I did the year before. Out of 197 blog posts, these are the 10 I liked the best. Again, why none of these were ever snatched up by WordPress to be Freshly Pressed, I’ll never know.

I Suffer from RBF
Just the true story of a little affliction that affects me and millions of others across the US.

Miss Hannigan
Remember the 1982 film version of Annie? I’ve always wondered why Carol Burnett’s character of Miss Hannigan got to hang out at the party in Daddy Warbucks’ back yard at the end of the movie. She should be in jail.

The Single Guy vs. Convenience
This is the story of a girl at a nearby convenience store. She doesn’t work there anymore, so this post is mostly a moo point now.

Why I Should Never Be on the Price Is Right
It’s not that I don’t love the game show. I do. And I would love to play some Plinko. But I don’t think I could handle all the hugs from strangers if they were to call my name to come on down.

Moved to Tears
I’m a bit more emotional than I used to be. It’s okay, though. I’m not ashamed of the tears that occasionally come.

Compartmentalizing Istanbul
I took a week-long trip to Turkey last summer. And this was one of several blog posts I wrote in my attempt to process the trip.

So… I’m Doing Whole30
This one made it to the top 10 that I posted the other day. I look back and I’m still not sure what I was thinking.

Why I Love My Town
Blacksburg is a great place to live. You should visit sometime.

The Turkey Trip in Pictures
We took so many pictures while we were in Turkey. These are just a handful of them.

Cyberbullying and Suicide
This was a pretty serious post I wrote after seeing a news report. It was one of those moments where I felt like I had something important to say. So I said it.

So… Those are the posts. Do with them what you will. Personally, I hope you enjoy them. I had a blast writing them. And re-reading them over the last few days. I’m incredibly insightful. And hilarious. But you already knew that! See you tomorrow, kids!

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