A Lot’s Been Happening…

Hey kids... I know, it's been a while. And this isn't going to be the greatest of posts. Because... well, I don't actually have a reason. I guess it's not going to be the greatest of posts because I'm mostly just making this up as I go along. I have no plan for this. I'm … Continue reading A Lot’s Been Happening…


A Let Down at the Cinema

Recently, I moved back to my hometown of Roanoke, having spent the past seven years or so in the New River Valley. Overall, I really like Roanoke. It's not a bad little city, once you figure out where you're going and how to avoid certain traffic spots in certain times of the day. My only … Continue reading A Let Down at the Cinema

Colonial Times

Once upon a time, I was living in a small city known as Bluefield. Now, it's easy to get confused as to where that may be. See, there are two Bluefields. And they exist side by side. On the Virginia side of the border, we have the town of Bluefield, home to Bluefield College, my … Continue reading Colonial Times

5 Movie Theater Pet Peeves

I love going to the movies. In fact, I've gotten to where I look forward to my Tuesday evenings simply because I know that's the night of the week that I'm most likely going to see something at the theater. That's because the theater here in town has admission for only $6.00 on Tuesdays. A … Continue reading 5 Movie Theater Pet Peeves

The 5 Talkers You Meet at the Movies

It happens almost every time I try to go see a movie. According to statistics that I'm making up on the spot, one out of every 250 people is a movie talker. I'm referring, of course, to someone who likes to talk while they're watching a movie. It happened to me just the other night … Continue reading The 5 Talkers You Meet at the Movies

That Time I Went Back to the Future

I really don't understand why mainstream cinemas don't show classic movies more often. Obviously, these theaters would need to choose wisely when finding old films to show to a modern audience. One can't expect a sell out crowd for a clunker like Batman & Robin. Bu when it's something like Back to the Future, which … Continue reading That Time I Went Back to the Future