Lois Lane

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve always liked the character of Lois Lane. In fact, she may be the only fictional character that I’ve consistently had a crush on for most of my lifetime. You can keep your Wonder Women, your Supergirls, your Catwomen…

lois-lane-teri-hatcherMaybe that can be chalked up to a mostly Teri Hatcher thing from when she played Lois in the 90s. Or maybe it’s that I’ve always wished I was Superman and every good Superman needs a Lois Lane, am I right?

But maybe it goes beyond the crush of a kid in middle school who thinks that Teri Hatcher is pretty. Because, honestly, I love the character that Lois Lane has evolved into throughout her 80 year history.

It’s been a while since I’ve dived into the history of Superman comics, but I think it’s probably safe to say that Lois Lane started out as an easy excuse to have someone that Superman could swoop in and save week after week. When you think of the term “damsel in distress,” Lois Lane is probably one of those characters that comes to mind.

However, even from the start, when Lois was finding herself in some kind of life threatening situation, it wasn’t simply because some villain knew she had a connection to Superman and wanted to use her as bait to draw him out. I mean, I’m sure that happened sometimes. But most of the time she got in trouble because she was doing her job. Maybe a little recklessly at times, but she was nonetheless fearless.

There was a rough patch for a while where all you saw from Lois were schemes to try and trick Superman into marrying her. Not exactly a step forward for women everywhere, but it probably speaks more to the culture of the day and the men who were writing the title, Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane.

As time has gone on, Lois Lane has evolved into a tough as nails journalist. She’s the daughter of a four star general who taught her how to take care of herself. Lois can trade verbal jabs with the best of them and can stand toe-to-toe with heads of state, terrorists, and super heroes. These days, in the comics, she’s even mother to a super son. Lois Lane isn’t a step behind her husband, she’s his equal in every sense of the word.

Well, maybe not every sense. Superman can change the course of mighty rivers. That’s not really Lois’ thing.

A few years back, when DC Comics decided to reboot their entire line of comics, they did away with the Lois Lane I grew up reading about. The Lois Lane who was married to Clark Kent no longer existed in the modern DC Comics continuity. She was replaced by a Lois Lane who thought little more of Clark than a guy she worked with at the Daily Planet.

At first, I thought, okay… they’re retelling the story from the beginning… maybe it’ll be fun to watch her and Clark/Superman fall in love all over again… And then they decided that Superman and Wonder Woman should be the new power couple. Lois Lane was relegated to less than a supporting character. For me, this was unacceptable.

I began thinking about how I would write the character of Lois Lane if I were given the chance. And then I decided, I don’t have to be given the chance. I have a blog where I can write whatever I feel like writing. So I began writing my own version of Lois Lane’s adventures.

And then I never got past the first chapter…

I’m here to say that I’m trying again. Next week, I’ll be posting the first chapter in my own Adventures of Lois Lane. It’s my hope that I’ll stick with it, posting a new chapter each Friday following. Here’s the thing… I made up an outline of what each chapter would cover through about 30 chapters, possibly more. The stories are there and hopefully they’ll be able to show Lois Lane in a new way to a new audience.

I don’t expect this to become a book or anything. In fact, Gwenda Bond has written a series of young adult novels that focus on Lois Lane that are quite good. The first one is called Lois Lane: Fallout. If you have a chance you should check it out.

If I’ve kept you interested, I hope you’ll come back for chapter one next week.

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