It was the middle of the night when Gabrielle ran in desperation back toward the cottage where she had been raised. It may have been dark, but she couldn’t have tripped in that darkness if she had wanted to. She knew every square inch of these woods. She knew where to step and where to … Continue reading Woods

The Next Step

Originally written in June of 2011… Once upon a time… That’s how these things begin, right? With a “once upon a time,” followed somewhat closely by a “happily ever after…” Well, if you want happily ever after, you’re in the wrong place. I can guarantee the once upon a time, but this tale does not … Continue reading The Next Step


7-year-old Stephanie stood on her tip-toes, desperately trying to see the woman in the trailer as she worked her magic. Her daddy looked down at her and smiled, “Do you want to see how she does it?” Stephanie, in awe, only nodded her head. She felt the strong hands of her father lift her up … Continue reading Sweet

Better Late Than Never

“You’re fired,” said Heather calmly. She stood behind her desk, leaning on her hands and staring at the scattered papers that lined the surface. Slowly, she looked up at Tommy, the young messenger who was clearly not understanding that he had just lost his job. “Wait… what?” Tommy asked, more confused than was usual for … Continue reading Better Late Than Never


Originally written in April of 2011… Allen ran as fast as his feet would carry him through the tall grass of the open plain. His lungs burned as he tried to breathe in and out, but he knew he couldn’t stop. The message he was carrying was far too important, and his enemies were far … Continue reading Messenger


“The coupon says the coffee is free! That means the coffee is free!” Evan yelled at the boy in the doughnut hat. All the anger that had been building up for the last few weeks was finally finding its release. He didn’t mean to take out his frustration on the poor customer service kid at … Continue reading Free


Originally written in March of 2011… All Paul ever wanted was a normal childhood. But normal was the one thing he couldn’t experience. He wasn’t able to play with the other kids on the playground. He was always afraid he’d hurt someone or break something. But even if that wasn’t a fear for him, he … Continue reading Big


Originally written in February of 2011… “I am so freakin’ hungry!” screamed Hannah as she threw herself down on the couch. “Calm down, little girl. The pizza will be here any minute.” Cam was trying desperately to get his girlfriend to relax. She had been stressing out for weeks about issues at work. Hannah had … Continue reading Food


Originally written in February of 2011… “Tell me a story!” the kid said to the old man as they walked through a thin layer of ice and snow. The old man stopped and looked down at the girl. The kid had her hand wrapped around two of the fingers on the old man’s left hand. … Continue reading Story


Originally written in January of 2011… Randy gripped the aluminum bat tightly in his hands. He stood next to home plate and stared down the pitcher. This was his second at bat in the game and this time he would get the hit. In his first trip to the plate, Randy had gone down swinging. … Continue reading Safe