I was bound on the floor just like the rest of them. My hands were behind my back, tied up with the same sort of plastic things they use for handcuffs these days. I knew they couldn’t hold me if I didn’t want them to. But here I was, sitting uncomfortably, a hostage along with … Continue reading Demands

The Book That Changed Everything

Stanley rushed down the stairs, hoping to catch his wife before she left for work. When he got to the kitchen he realized he was too late. She had let him oversleep, so he didn’t have a chance to wish her a happy anniversary. Madison had left coffee warming in the pot, knowing that Stan … Continue reading The Book That Changed Everything


This was originally written on December 13, 2009… Jim wasn’t the kind of guy who considered himself brave. He lived his ordinary life working his ordinary job and spending time with his ordinary friends. He went to church, he paid his taxes, and he enjoyed a good steak from time to time. He was the … Continue reading Brave

When Pigs Fly

“I’ll show ’em!” Hank shouted to himself as he violently pushed open the screen door and stormed out of the back of the house. The kid was angry, and in his anger he stomped his way across the yard, making his way to the barn. His father had just graciously reminded him that he had … Continue reading When Pigs Fly


I didn’t know what to do and I was beginning to panic. The proctor had already handed out the blue books and had left to get his cup of coffee. I knew he would do that. And I knew that I only had a few seconds, maybe a minute, until he returned. After that, my … Continue reading Ethics

Cubicle Crush

She just sat there minding her own business. She didn’t know that Alex was sitting in the cubicle across from hers, awkwardly gazing in her direction. Maybe that’s because she was actually doing her job. Meanwhile, Alex leaned on his hand with a goofy expression on his face. He was like a kid in school … Continue reading Cubicle Crush


When he was a kid, he was constantly picked on. Being the youngest, the smallest, and the smartest in his class made him a target for the older kids. The first tie he was beaten up after school, the lead bully gave him a black eye. When the teacher saw the mark on Wilson's face, … Continue reading Shame

The Adventures of Lois Lane – Chapter 2

Lois Lane, Superman, and all related characters are property of DC Comics. Not sure what's happening? Be sure to check out Chapter 1 right here! Margot leaned against the kitchen table as she watched Lois carefully apply the dye to her hair. Lois' naturally dark hair would soon be a memory as she attempted to … Continue reading The Adventures of Lois Lane – Chapter 2

The Old Book

It was Alex’s day off and he had time to kill. On his days off, that was really the only kind of time he had. Most days, Alex would just read, watch movies, or binge watch The Office for the 83rd time. He mostly wanted to escape into some sort of entertainment that would help … Continue reading The Old Book

The Adventures of Lois Lane

What follows is a story that I've posted previously. It's the first chapter in a series of stories I've been wanting to write that takes a look at the story of Superman through the eyes of one of his most important supporting characters, Lois Lane. It began years ago when I was incredibly displeased with … Continue reading The Adventures of Lois Lane