After Seeing Ready Player One

Ready Player One 2Ready Player One


Directed by Steven Spielberg

Kids, this is a movie I’ve been excited about since I saw the first trailer nearly a year ago. You know what did it? It was that Back to the Future chime at the very end of it. Didn’t hurt that the DeLorean plays a pretty big role in the race that was featured in the trailer.

When I saw the trailer, I hadn’t yet read the book. It was one of those that I’d heard about and was intrigued by, but just had not gotten around to picking up and reading. Until I did.

I love this book. Y’all. I love this book. The story’s good. The characters are interesting. There are more pop culture references than a year’s worth of Jeopardy!

So to have the book made into a movie that’s directed by Steven Spielberg? What more could a geek like me ask for?

Like I said, I was excited to see this thing. And most of the time, movies that have a Friday release date are shown the Thursday night before. But for some reason, Ready Player One was shown on Wednesday night. I don’t know why. I don’t care why. Because it meant I didn’t have to wait another day to see it.

I love this movie. Y’all. I love this movie. I’m pretty sure the hyperbole is just from the high of being entertained by this thing. Because I was exceedingly entertained.

If you go into Ready Player One expecting it to be exactly like the book, you’re likely to be disappointed. Just like anyone who goes into a movie expecting it to be exactly like the book. The movie will never be exactly like the book. I don’t care what book it is. I don’t care what movie it is. They will not be the same. And, nine times out of ten, you’re just going to walk out saying the book was better.

Of course, that’s the case here, too. The book was definitely better. But that doesn’t mean I walked out of the theater disappointed. I think that Steven Spielberg and everyone who worked on this movie did exactly what they set out to do. They made an entertaining movie. They weren’t trying to break new ground in effects or storytelling. They were trying to get you to enjoy going to the movies.

I enjoyed it. I’m going again. And I’d be willing to bet that I’m going to enjoy the heck out of it the second time around. The thing is, this movie is packed so full of pop culture references that I know I didn’t catch a tenth of them when I saw it last night. So I guess that means I need to watch it another nine times to catch them all.Ready Player One

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