On the 4th Day of Blogmas…

Remember how I did that Hallmark movie Mad Libs kind of thing yesterday? Well I got it in my head that this is a movie I wouldn't mind seeing. And I at least have a trailer going in my mind. I sort of know what the movie would be about and how things would go. … Continue reading On the 4th Day of Blogmas…


The Power of Forgetting

So I saw this when I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and thought it might make for an interesting story. Feeling creative for the first time in forever... https://www.instagram.com/p/ChnvZxBJpJK/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link I dropped the old newspaper in disbelief. Looking down as newsprint scattered on the floor of the old attic, my eye caught the date. … Continue reading The Power of Forgetting


The loud bang woke Alex from a very sound sleep. What was that? he thought to himself. His eyes were wide and his vision blurry as he attempted to adjust to the darkness that filled his bedroom. Soon the dim moonlight that filtered in through a crack in his curtains was enough to allow Alex to … Continue reading Touch

Message in a Bottle

The romantic in her was hoping she had just stumbled upon a Nicholas Sparks novel come to life. Then again, don’t most of his books end up with one tragedy or another? Doesn’t someone always wind up dead? Does that just make Nicholas Sparks the Stephen King of the love story genre? Diane shook her … Continue reading Message in a Bottle


We moved a lot when I was a kid. No, I wasn’t an army brat. Dad just had this nomadic streak about him. The longest amount of time we ever spent in one place was 18 months. That was because of a recession and we couldn’t afford to move. Or so I was told. I … Continue reading Moves


“This isn’t really my kind of place!” yelled Leigh over the noise of the crowd. Christine just shook her head. “That’s why we’re here! Time for you to get out more!” Leigh sat at the bar and absentmindedly stirred her drink. Exams were over and Christine had talked her into going out to celebrate the … Continue reading Luscious


Grant was never popular during his high school years. So he should have been extremely suspicious near the end of his senior year when he was invited to a party by one of the beautiful people. But he was too excited to turn down the invitation. It all seemed innocent enough. Becky had approached him … Continue reading Popular

The Apology

It was a beautiful afternoon. The kind of day that kids daydream about when they’re stuck inside a school listening to their teachers drone on and on about World War II or the Pythagorean Theorem. Christopher had been waiting all week for Saturday to get here and he had been praying just as long for … Continue reading The Apology

I Am a Seed

I once spent a lot of time sitting in a classroom full of first graders. Because of this fact, I found myself relearning a lot of things I’ve actually known for 30 years. Actually, more often than not, I found myself realizing that a lot of the things I know, which I’ve assumed for years … Continue reading I Am a Seed


Conner could feel how sharp the razor was as it scraped across his face. Shaving was such a hassle, but it was necessary. Especially today. He finished removing the stubble from his cheeks and chin and splashed water in his face. He took a look at himself in the mirror, just to make sure he … Continue reading Sharp