BlankCanvas’ Challenge

Name: Miss MildredSetting: Steam TrainObject: HarmonicaEmotion: Disgust "Miss Mildred," whined little Sarah from the bed in her family's private train car. Mildred, the girl's nanny, rolled her eyes as she marked her place in her book and picked up the oil lamp by which she was reading. Mildred had made this trip with Sarah nearly … Continue reading BlankCanvas’ Challenge

Sarah’s Challenge

Name: JenSetting: PartyObject: A beer bottleEmotion: Curiosity Jen and Rob had been flirting back and forth for a couple weeks now. She didn't think she could call what they had a relationship. At least, not yet. For her, it was just exciting to get attention from a senior on the basketball team. Sure, he wasn't … Continue reading Sarah’s Challenge

For the Love of Books’ Challenge

This week's challenge is a little different. This time, I've been given an opening line: "Rounding the corner, his heart stopped when he saw..." "Rounding the corner, his heart stopped when he saw..." said Jimmy, suddenly silencing his reading voice for added suspense. "Saw what?!" asked Beth. The little girl sat in her father's lap, … Continue reading For the Love of Books’ Challenge

Mastermixmovies’ Challenge

Name: Dr. Marcus ClydeSetting: DisneylandObject: A time machineEmotion: Euphoria Time. Our perception of it is a tricky thing. Someone who is laughing and sharing stories with old friends for hours may be under the impression that only minutes have passed. However, a person riding out a tornado in a darkened cellar may feel as if … Continue reading Mastermixmovies’ Challenge

Paul’s Challenge

Name: WillieSetting: Neighbour's BasementObject: Old RefrigeratorEmotion: Disgust Willie raised his head, just to the point where his eyes were above the windowsill. He was desperate to see what the crazy old man next door was up to. "You know," said Willie's mom, "it would nice of you to go next door and lend Mr. Walker … Continue reading Paul’s Challenge

Gigglingfattie’s Challenge

Name: Hubert Setting: Lakeside boardwalk Object: Yo-yo Emotion: Glee He was walking aimlessly, annoyed at the thought of spending any more time with his dad's new girlfriend or that girlfriend's stupid daughter. At 12, he knew he should not just be walking away in a crowd, but he didn't care. He knew this place like … Continue reading Gigglingfattie’s Challenge

Authoress51’s Challenge

Name: Doofus Setting: School Object: Silly Putty Emotion: Failure "Did you know Silly Putty was an accident?" I asked Jeremy as I opened the red, plastic egg in which the putty was packaged. "That's great, Doofus," said Jeremy, "No one cares." It was 1992 and we were in the 2nd grade. Our teacher thought a … Continue reading Authoress51’s Challenge

Teresa’s Challenge

Name: Lucy Setting: Train Object: Key Emotion: Anxious Lucy Michaels was 11-years-old the first time she rode on a train. Over the years, as she grew older, she would remember a confusing combination of feelings as she was led to her seat, which was right beside the social worker whom she had met only two … Continue reading Teresa’s Challenge

Ashley’s Challenge

Name: Jess Setting: Waterfall in the forest Object: A spoon Emotion: Fear He was having a hard time catching his breath. But that's because he was finding zero opportunities to stop or even slow down. What was supposed to be a simple hiking trip that led into a simple camping trip had become a slightly … Continue reading Ashley’s Challenge

Wandering Cranes’ Challenge

Character: Lydia Setting: Parking garage Object: Rose Emotion: Hope Tonight was supposed to be date night. So, of course Lydia's boss had asked her to work late. She was frustrated. She was annoyed. And she was in the office alone. In reality, Lydia couldn't understand why she, and all her coworkers for that matter, weren't … Continue reading Wandering Cranes’ Challenge