1,001 Posts

Kids, welcome to my 1,001st blog post here on The Confusing Middle.

Slow ClapYesterday, after my Rewatching Buffy post was published, I got a notification from WordPress saying that I had posted exactly 1,000 on this here blog. I feel like there should be more fanfare. I’m sure you’re sitting in your seat beginning a slow clap right now, just waiting for someone else to join in.

I’m not going to mark this 1,001st blog post with any kind of special occasion. There isn’t going to be a contest where you can win some kind of gift card just for tweeting a link to my blog or commenting about how great you think I am. Though, if you do those things out of the kindness of your heart, I won’t be offended.

I’m also not going to redesign the blog now that I’ve hit the 1,000 post milestone. I’m pretty sure the current design is fairly new in the scheme of things. Didn’t I just change it to this a few months ago? I can’t remember.

Honestly, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you. There are a lot of you who have been following this blog since, very nearly, the very beginning. Some of you have silently come in and out, checking on things occasionally. Some of you haven’t been reading my stuff quite as long, but you’ve been willing to share your two cents.

It’s been amazing to cultivate friendships in this community. I want to mention names, but I’m so afraid I’m going to leave someone out. You know what, I’m gonna mention names. And if I leave people out, I’m sorry. It’s not because you don’t mean a great deal to me. It’s because I’m 37 and I often forget what I ate for breakfast this morning.

I have loved getting to know people like Alex, Melanie, Cari, Jess, Paul, Barb, Shaz, Myka, and… uh… I’m missing people. I know I am. And I’m still sorry about that.

If y’all ever want to have a blogging convention, so we can all meet, let me know. We could go to Carowinds. Anyone else like roller coasters? ‘Cause they’ve got this ginormous one called the Fury 325. It’s amazing. I almost blacked out on that thing.


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