Paul’s Challenge

Name: WillieSetting: Neighbour's BasementObject: Old RefrigeratorEmotion: Disgust Willie raised his head, just to the point where his eyes were above the windowsill. He was desperate to see what the crazy old man next door was up to. "You know," said Willie's mom, "it would nice of you to go next door and lend Mr. Walker … Continue reading Paul’s Challenge

Gigglingfattie’s Challenge

Name: Hubert Setting: Lakeside boardwalk Object: Yo-yo Emotion: Glee He was walking aimlessly, annoyed at the thought of spending any more time with his dad's new girlfriend or that girlfriend's stupid daughter. At 12, he knew he should not just be walking away in a crowd, but he didn't care. He knew this place like … Continue reading Gigglingfattie’s Challenge

I Miss Sunday Scribblings

Years ago, during my more formidable blogging days, I was a follower of a blog titled┬áSunday Scribblings. It was a blog run by Megg and Laini on which they would post a weekly prompt, encouraging bloggers from all over the internet to write something based on said prompt. After 400 weeks of prompts, Megg and … Continue reading I Miss Sunday Scribblings

Authoress51’s Challenge

Name: Doofus Setting: School Object: Silly Putty Emotion: Failure "Did you know Silly Putty was an accident?" I asked Jeremy as I opened the red, plastic egg in which the putty was packaged. "That's great, Doofus," said Jeremy, "No one cares." It was 1992 and we were in the 2nd grade. Our teacher thought a … Continue reading Authoress51’s Challenge

Cupcakes and Rainbows

Tuesday evening I was having a hard time coming up with something to blog about. I'm sticking with that whole blogging every day thing for as long as I can. I've still got a streak going and I just don't want to break it unless I absolutely have no choice. So I took to the … Continue reading Cupcakes and Rainbows

A to Z Challenge 2020 – Theme Reveal

Last year, T, over at No Love For Fatties, introduced me to the concept of the A to Z Challenge. The idea is that throughout the month of April, you follow a theme and work your way through the alphabet, posting each day except Sundays. April 1 is A, April 2 is B, and so … Continue reading A to Z Challenge 2020 – Theme Reveal

I Need Suggestions…

As a sort of birthday present to myself and, also, as a means of avoiding a severe anxiety attack from chronic overworking myself, I'm planning a vacation. Now, it's not happening yet. Not until, probably, the first week of April. I am┬áreally open to suggestions on this. Where do you think I should go? I'm … Continue reading I Need Suggestions…