A Cozy Winter Tag

Thanks to Becky over at Strikeouts + Sprinkles for tagging me! The Rules... Be sure to link back to the tag creator in your own post. Tag 4+ of your own friends to keep the coziness going! You don't have to be tagged to fill this out--feel free to post your answers on your own … Continue reading A Cozy Winter Tag

When Bloggers Meet

I've been blogging off and on (mostly on) since 2005. No, it hasn't all been here on The Confusing Middle or hosted by the good people at the WordPress. My first decade in the world of blogging involved a blog titled Carp Dime and was hosted over at Blogger. I'm pretty sure Carp Dime is … Continue reading When Bloggers Meet

Stephen King’s Community

Well, it was bound to happen. And I've done it again. I had another really bizarre dream. Only this time I wasn't blissfully married to Jennifer Aniston. This time I dreamed about a movie that I haven't even seen yet. My dream played out as if I were experiencing It: Chapter Two in the shoes of … Continue reading Stephen King’s Community

Playing Catch Up – Blogger Recognition Award

Hey, kids! As you can see, I'm still playing catch up after being a slacker in recent weeks. Well... a slacker as far as my internet and blogging life are concerned. In today's post I'm excited to say that I've been given a Blogger Recognition Award by Becky over at Strikeouts + Sprinkles! Thanks for … Continue reading Playing Catch Up – Blogger Recognition Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award

This is a new one to me! Thank you to Suzi over at My Colourful Life for giving me the Sunshine Blogger Award! If you haven't been by to visit Suzi yet, what are you waiting for? She's a fellow A to Z Challenge survivor, so at least give her props for that! Seriously, though, … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award

The A to Z Challenge Begins!

All right, kids... This post is hitting the interwebs on the last day of March. Which means that the A to Z Challenge officially begins tomorrow! Hold your applause, please. I know you're excited. I am, too. Well... I'm as excited as I can get. I'm not a very excitable person. For those of you … Continue reading The A to Z Challenge Begins!

A to Z Challenge – Theme Reveal

The other day, I was reminded by our friend over at No Love for Fatties that April is coming soon. She’s gearing up for the annual A to Z Challenge, which I thought sounded intriguing and, dare I say, challenging. I signed up for it earlier this month but was having a hard time coming … Continue reading A to Z Challenge – Theme Reveal