The One With All the LEGO

Remember that time when I got called into the office and was given a $50 gift card for basically doing my job? If not, you can click here for the memory jog... Anyway, I decided to treat myself with that $50 gift card by buying something I didn't need, but by buying something I wanted. … Continue reading The One With All the LEGO


The Facebook Friendzone

It's a funny thing, discovering that you're no longer connected to someone through social media. Did I post something they didn't agree with? Was I not posting enough to be worth their time? Was I posting too much and it just got obnoxious? So many thoughts run through my anxious mind over something so trivial … Continue reading The Facebook Friendzone

7 Sitcoms I Can Watch on Repeat

To be clear, when I say sitcoms I can watch I repeat, I mean sitcoms that are available on streaming services that I could sit through from start to finish and then start all over again. Sometimes these are shows that I'll turn on for background noise when I'm finishing paperwork or when I'm cleaning … Continue reading 7 Sitcoms I Can Watch on Repeat

Because Who Says No to Free Pizza?

As a sworn procrastinator, I felt it was my solemn duty to wait until the very end of the month to get my car inspected. In the state where I live, one must have their car inspected annually in order for that vehicle to be street legal. At the beginning of November I knew of … Continue reading Because Who Says No to Free Pizza?

Top 10 Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

This should be pretty easy. Since there are exactly ten Thanksgiving episodes throughout the ten season run of Friends. I guess I just need to put them in some kind of order... huh? No, I won't put them in chronological order. I'm going to list them in order of my least favorite to favorite. Which … Continue reading Top 10 Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

Question of the Week #301

Do your close friends tend to be older or younger than you? Less or more talented and successful than you? Do they share your values? Ambitions? Interests? This feels like a lot for a question of the week. More like questions of the week... Really, the answer to all of these is that it just … Continue reading Question of the Week #301

Question of the Week #300

What could someone figure out about you by the friends you've chosen? That I like to keep to myself... Okay, not really. I mean, yes, it's true that I'm an introvert and I tend to keep to myself. That's the first thing that comes to mind because, locally, I don't really have any close friends. … Continue reading Question of the Week #300

The Open Door Policy

Does anyone else ever find themselves waking up in the middle of the night with an idea in their head? A blog post that you think might be good enough to actually sit down and write about. But it's, like, three in the morning... who's awake enough to write anything at that point, no matter … Continue reading The Open Door Policy


I hadn’t been out of school long when I decided to fall for one of my best friends. Thing is, she and I hadn’t really been great friends for very long. To be honest, she kind of got on my nerves. But isn’t that always how it is? No? Sometimes, though… You’ve gotta give me … Continue reading Lesson

Different Seasons, Indifferent Friends

I don't want to say I'm super organized when it comes to my plan for blog posts, even though it might seem that way to some. Especially when I reveal what I'm about to reveal. I keep an open Excel spreadsheet that tracks upcoming blog posts and the dates on which those posts will go … Continue reading Different Seasons, Indifferent Friends