Potential Spam

Y'all... I received an interesting phone call earlier this afternoon... My phone rang, as is the habit when I'm receiving a phone call. The caller ID read Potential Spam, so I knew it was some kind of telemarketer or scammer who was probably attempting to dupe me out of money in some way. When I … Continue reading Potential Spam


Question of the Week #176

Before making a telephone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? Heck yes, I do. And not just for telephone calls. I rehearse what I'm going to say when I'm fairly certain the chances of having any kind of conversation with a human being is about to occur. How else will … Continue reading Question of the Week #176

Ghosting the Telemarketers

I hate getting calls from telemarketers. And I think it's safe to assume I'm not alone in that particular hatred. Most of the time, these calls are completely unsolicited. It's not like I've put my phone number out there for random companies to find and dial up so that I can buy something I don't … Continue reading Ghosting the Telemarketers

One Week Later: Life with the iPhone

I know it's just a phone. I mean, it's not just a phone. It's a tiny computer that fits in the palm of my hand. And it does so much more than Alexander Graham Bell ever dreamed that a telephone would do. But it's just a phone. Right? I really like it, though. I know. … Continue reading One Week Later: Life with the iPhone


Do you ever feel like people just aren't receiving my texts? Maybe it's just me that feels that way. After all, you probably don't care whether or not people are reading my text messages. I just have to wonder what's happening to the messages I'm sending out sometimes. And overthinking tends to make me a … Continue reading Texting

The Lure of the Dark Side

I've been a PC. All my adult life. There was a time, in high school, when I flirted with the idea of using a Mac. But that was because all of the writing labs at school were equipped with Apple products. And that was before having anything with the Apple logo on it was the … Continue reading The Lure of the Dark Side

Smart Phones, Dumb People

Do you ever have a craving for certain foods? Of course you do. I'm not talking about the stereotypical bizarre cravings that can come with pregnancy. Do those even really exist? Do pregnant women really crave chocolate covered pickles or is that just something they use for comedic purposes in Hollywood? I digress. A few … Continue reading Smart Phones, Dumb People

5 Movie Theater Pet Peeves

I love going to the movies. In fact, I've gotten to where I look forward to my Tuesday evenings simply because I know that's the night of the week that I'm most likely going to see something at the theater. That's because the theater here in town has admission for only $6.00 on Tuesdays. A … Continue reading 5 Movie Theater Pet Peeves

The 5 Talkers You Meet at the Movies

It happens almost every time I try to go see a movie. According to statistics that I'm making up on the spot, one out of every 250 people is a movie talker. I'm referring, of course, to someone who likes to talk while they're watching a movie. It happened to me just the other night … Continue reading The 5 Talkers You Meet at the Movies

Messing with D

So... I got a strange text message today. It was from someone who didn't realize I wasn't the person he was trying to get in touch with. So I decided to have a little fun with the guy who refers to himself as D ski. I'm probably supposed to get back in touch with D … Continue reading Messing with D