One Week Later: Life with the iPhone

I know it’s just a phone.

I mean, it’s not just a phone. It’s a tiny computer that fits in the palm of my hand. And it does so much more than Alexander Graham Bell ever dreamed that a telephone would do.

But it’s just a phone.


I really like it, though.

I know. I’m the guy who swore I would never get an iPhone. I’m the guy who has spent most of his adult life refusing to acknowledge the benefits (if any) provided by Apple products.

But this iPhone 7 that I’m using now is really nifty. I can’t really describe it. I just like how it feels when I hold it in my hand. Does that sound weird? It sounds weird.Nick Miller - PhoneI can no longer say that I’ll never consider getting a Mac. Because I will consider it. If the price is right. Since so much of my job now includes being creative with graphics and video, and since I’ve heard so many people say that Macs are better for that sort of thing, it would almost make sense to get one. Someday. If the price is right.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I really don’t like Apple products on the whole. I don’t like that you have to buy adapters for EVERYTHING. With my current laptop, I don’t need adapters. I want to plug into the TV, I just need the same cord that everything else uses. I want to plug in my friend’s Mac to my TV? I just need the same cord that everything else uses, but I also need an adapter to act as the go between. And what company makes and sells those adapters? That’s right.

Evil empire.

I keep seeing ads for Macs that brag about how they don’t get PC viruses. Of course they don’t get PC viruses. Because nothing is compatible with a Mac. But what’s to stop someone from developing a virus that’s compatible with a Mac? You can’t tell me that it hasn’t happened. Even if you do tell me it hasn’t happened, I don’t think I’ll believe you.

Really, though, the iPhone is swell.

4 thoughts on “One Week Later: Life with the iPhone

  1. I still can’t buy into the whole Apple thing. I am required to configure both Apple and Androids for customers at work. The Apple interface is frustrating to me. Oh yeah, and it took me a YEAR to figure out there was a little button on the side to mute the damn thing, not just an up-down volume button! Good luck on your move to the dark side. πŸ˜‰

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