The Lure of the Dark Side

I’ve been a PC. All my adult life.

There was a time, in high school, when I flirted with the idea of using a Mac. But that was because all of the writing labs at school were equipped with Apple products. And that was before having anything with the Apple logo on it was the trendy thing to do. At that point, Apple was years away from introducing the world to the iPod and even further from the iPhone.

But ever since I began attending Northstar Church, my pastor, Jeff, has been doing his best to get me to switch over. He wants me to join him in a world of people who love a Mac.

I’ve told him, repeatedly, that I would never join the Dark Side. I’m old and set in my ways. I’m used to the things that Microsoft has to offer. It’s comfortable. To switch now, to a Mac notebook, would constitute a serious lifestyle change.Luke Skywalker - I'll Never Join You.gif“You should get a Mac,” people tell me. “It’s great for graphics and videos and all those things that your job requires you to do now,” they say.

I guess those are good points. But I’m just not sure…

Aren’t Macs expensive? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’ll stick with my PC that I’ve had for less than a year now, thanks.

But then Jeff told me that my phone was eligible for an upgrade. “You should get an iPhone.”

Again, that would constitute a serious lifestyle change.Darth Vader - Power of the Dark Side.gifI’ve been happy with my Samsung. The last three phones I’ve had have been varying models of the Galaxy. Thankfully, none of them have exploded in my pocket. But even that threat was not enough to make me want to get the iPhone.

I liken the iPhone to a gateway drug. I get that, and then it’s a slippery slope to full on Apple love. I’m not sure I’m prepared for that.

And yet…

Today, I went by the store where our church’s phone plan is held. I checked into the upgrade eligibility and, sure enough, it was time for a new phone. Besides, ever since I switched over to the church plan, my phone’s been annoying. It still tries to connect to my old provider’s network with the new provider’s stuff. It just hasn’t been working the same.

So I could have easily gotten the next Galaxy. But I didn’t. I got the iPhone.palpatine-foreseen-itI talked myself into it. It makes sense, right? I mean, I’m the only one in the office without an iPhone. Having the same phone as everyone else means communication will be more convenient. Before, group text messages would get to my phone minutes (sometimes days) after everyone else got them. That was happening before I made the provider switch.

While I was at the store, I texted Jeff to see what version he thought I should get. The 6s or the SE. I asked him because I have no idea what the difference is. His response: “or 7?” Really? The 7? Okay then…

So I am the owner of a brand new iPhone 7. I don’t know how to actually use the thing. But my journey to the Dark Side has begun. It’s only a matter of time before I’m writing these blog posts on the keyboard of a Mac Book or a Mac Air or whatever they’re calling themselves these days. Then, I suppose, my journey toward the Dark Side will be complete.Luke Skywalker - You've Failed.gif


9 thoughts on “The Lure of the Dark Side

  1. I was gifted the 5 when it first came out, and I enjoyed using it for the time I had it, but it showed me the Apples equivalent of the blue screen of death with a green screen and pink pin stripes, and since I wasn’t near an Apple store to get it looked at, I decided to sell it. I went back to Galaxy and have been happy ever since. Enjoy your new toy! They really are fun when they’re brand-new. 🙂


  2. Download all the emoji keyboards! Those are arguably the best part of iPhones/iMessaging (don’t burst my bubble and tell me that other phone types have bitmoji and labmoji and #allthemojis). Also learn how to send confetti and slam effects.

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  3. I have always had an iPhone, but never a Mac because they’re so expensive – buttt I managed to get one last December. And I am completely in love. I’m so glad to hear you’re converting. The iPhone, in my opinion, is much simpler than the Samsung. More sleek. More professional. Let me know how you like the transition!

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  4. For me, my Mac was the gateway drug. People at school saw me with it and said, “YOU have a Mac? You don’t see like a Mac person.” I still don’t know what that means. Then I got an iPhone and now I feel like a minion in their plan to take over the world. Welcome.

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