Potential Spam

Y’all… I received an interesting phone call earlier this afternoon…

My phone rang, as is the habit when I’m receiving a phone call. The caller ID read Potential Spam, so I knew it was some kind of telemarketer or scammer who was probably attempting to dupe me out of money in some way.

When I get calls like this, I will often ignore the call and let it go to voicemail. Sometimes I get a message. Most of the time I get nothing. But if I’m feeling particularly sarcastic, I’ll answer and mess with the caller.

And that’s what I did today.

Scammer: “Hello, how are you doing today?” (heavily accented English)
Me: “I’m doing well, how are you?”
S: “I am doing great! My name is David Miller and I’m calling to inform you that you have won a prize from the Publisher’s Clearing House. Will you be home to sign for it today?”
Me: “Wow! That sounds like a load of BS!” (sounding excited… and I said the actual phrase, not “BS”)
S: “F— you!” *click*

Well okay then…

I’ll admit, I had a good laugh at that response. I mean, I’ve answered calls from scammers before and have had a good time calling them out on their lies and buffoonery. Typically, they try to at least mount some kind of defense and argue that they are a legitimate service that is trying to help me. This guy just gave up… he’s not even trying.

I’d kind of like to speak with his supervisor to let him know that he didn’t even attempt to lie to me or kiss my butt to keep me on the phone. I think he should take a cut in pay.

Feature Photo by Vojtech Bruzek on Unsplash

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