Do you ever feel like people just aren’t receiving my texts? Maybe it’s just me that feels that way. After all, you probably don’t care whether or not people are reading my text messages.

I just have to wonder what’s happening to the messages I’m sending out sometimes. And overthinking tends to make me a little self-conscious about those messages I’m sending out.

I’ll be involved in a group text and all of these messages are going back and forth. Then I’ll decide to respond and get nothing. No one seems to care what I have to say.

And it’s just as bad (maybe worse) with individual messages. I’ll send something to someone asking a question. Maybe I need some kind of information from a supervisor. Maybe it’s important that I have an answer so that I can continue doing my job to the best of my ability.

But do I get an answer? No.

What is happening? Am I hitting send, only to have the well thought out text messages that I expertly crafted into tiny little three line novels arrive in some kind of nameless void? Are my messages being eaten up by the Nothing?

Seems unlikely.

Then why am I not getting the responses that I so desperately need?

I don’t like talking on the phone. I would much rather converse through text. But if you’re not responding to my texts, I’m gonna have to call you. And you really don’t want me to call you. I get awkward on the phone. And in person. Really, the written word is where I shine. Let’s just stick to that.

I’m sure I’m overreacting. It’s not as if the average smartphone user looks at his or her phone every 83 seconds or anything.


7 thoughts on “Texting

  1. I hate it when people are like, “Oh if someone isn’t answering your texts, why don’t you just call them?” Oh wow, what a revolutionary idea, that possibility hadn’t occurred to me! You sir/madam, are a genius!

    1. I hate talking on the phone, I find phone conversations to be really very awkward without facial expressions and hand gestures to punctuate the words being spoken and I find them to be incredibly inconvenient which leads me to…
    2. I can text out in public with many, many strangers nearby, all up in my bubble, and not worry about them eavesdropping on the conversation. I can shoot a quick text during a meeting and not miss any major conversation points. I can type out a text when I have just one free minute before I need to rush off to something else. I can’t make a call in any of those examples.
    3. And like you, I’m better in written formats. Writing gives me time to consider the situation, assess my position, and deliver a thoughtful response. I miss things when I’m backed up against the wall and need to respond/reply on the fly.

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    • Yeah, writing definitely allows me to be more thoughtful with my response. I mean, I can be quick on my feet when the occasion calls for it. But those situations usually end up involving massive amounts of sarcasm, which can, at times, be construed as inappropriate or hurtful. I mean, I think it’s hilarious. But some people have feelings. I wouldn’t know about that.

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  2. I guess I get a little obnoxious about texts not being received or responded to. Sometimes people don’t have service where they are and they get flooded with texts eventually. My daughter texts me so many times in a day that I’d get fired if I responded to even a tenth of them. But if there is a definite question, I respond and expect responses back to my questions. Of course, in my case, as a teacher I can’t text until I have a prep period so people have to wait. In my daughter’s case, her texts are more like stream of consciousness. Anything that crosses her mind she texts to me. And she tends to send each thought/sentence separately.
    My pet peeve is calling someone because I have to (like my husband for a specific reason). In his case, he will not answer, then call me back and ask “Did you call me?” I sarcastically think, well, the ringing phone and my name on the caller ID should be a little clue….
    See what you did? Now I’m mad at both my daughter and husband, lol.

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