A to Z 2022 – Theme Reveal

I never do this thing on time. And even as I’m starting to write this post, I can’t decide what my theme should be.

This will be my fourth year participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Back when I did my first A to Z Challenge in 2019, I watched a bunch of movies. With the 2020 A to Z Challenge, I also watched a bunch of movies. But that time I limited myself to stuff that could be found on Disney+. For last year’s A to Z Challenge I went in a different direction by making each day about a different character found in DC Comics.

Now I don’t know what I want to do. I’ve thought about going back and doing movies again. This time I could limit myself to HBO Max and only find things from that streaming platform. I’ve considered trying to stretch my creative muscles and write short fiction for each post based on a random word that would obviously begin with each day’s corresponding letter.

Actually… those are the only two ideas I’ve come up with. It’s been a crazy year. I’m in a much different place both psychologically and emotionally than I was last year. So what if that translates to just not being up to dealing with this challenge this year?

Here’s the struggle… Last time I did the challenge based solely on watching a different movie every day, we were in the middle of a quarantine lockdown and there was nothing but time to watch movies every day. That kind of time does not exist in a world where work has to be done outside of my apartment five days a week.

On the other hand, coming up with 500+ words for some kind of flash fiction every day is the kind of challenge I have not taken on in a very long time. Back before I started doing these Sunday Scribblings posts myself and participated when it was someone else’s deal, I used those prompts as a challenge to write fiction. It was fun and I loved it. But these days I’ve just been writing random things based on those prompts. This leaves me to question, do I even have it in me to be that creative day after day throughout the month of April?

Here’s what I’m gonna do… I’m gonna watch Jeopardy! and call a friend to get some advice. Then I’ll come back and finish this post.

30 Minutes Later…

Okay… That’s just what I needed. I’m gonna go with a daily fiction challenge. Each day I’ll reach out to a friend or family member and give them the letter of the day, asking for a random word beginning with that letter. From there, I will base a short story around that word… from A to Z.

In making this decision, my friend asked if I thought that either of these options would feed my creativity or overwhelm it. As we talked, I realized that I still love the idea of being challenged to write something based on a word or phrase or plot device that has been selected for me. She randomly used the example of a chicken obsessed with fish and all I could picture in my head was a chicken standing on the edge of a pier somewhere staring down into the water.

No… I won’t be writing about a chicken obsessed with fish when C day comes along. Or F day, for that matter. But it’s fun to know that I could if I needed to…

Okay… Now I’m kind of excited about this thing. So that’s my theme…

Daily fiction based on a random word given to me by a random person in my life based on the letter of the day. If you stick around, I hope you’ll find it entertaining.

6 thoughts on “A to Z 2022 – Theme Reveal

  1. This sounds amazing!
    Just wanted to let you know, I do like the random (personal) stories for Sunday Scribblings! But I’m now looking forward to reading your fictional stories
    My friend who is doing his first ever challenge this year is also doing some thing very very similar! Instead of asking his friends and family, he’s using a random word generator!
    I’ll be revealing my theme very soon and you could find his post linked, if you want!
    All the best!

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