Mastermixmovies’ Second Challenge

Name: Chloe
Setting: Sauna
Object: Toy spider
Emotion: Embarrassment

“Chloe is going to totally freak out when she sees this!” Trevor said excitedly to himself as he unboxed his latest prank.

In the comfort and privacy of his bedroom, the 13-year-old gently removed the bubble wrap from an over-sized mechanical tarantula. From the bottom of the box, he grabbed the complicated remote control, followed by an extensively detailed instruction manual.

Trevor mowed lawns all over the neighborhood for six months to be able to afford this $299.95 (plus tax) monstrosity. If his parents knew he had bought this thing, they would have expressed their disappointment and claimed that he was wasting his hard-earned money. But they didn’t know. And, frankly, he didn’t care. It was his money and he spent it on exactly what he wanted.

Ever since he was old enough to understand what it meant to torment a sibling, he had been doing so to his older sister, Chloe. At first, he tortured her because he thought it was funny. And, sure, he was a little sadistic. But no more than one would have accused Home Alone‘s Kevin McAllister of being.

Now that Chloe was older and one of the more popular girls in her high school, Trevor felt it was his solemn duty as her younger brother to take her down a peg or two. Chloe needed to remember that she was just as lame and unspecial as everyone that she had a tendency to look down upon.

So he read up on his new toy spider. By the time he was ready to unleash it upon his sister, he would know how to make it do everything advertised and more.

It really was an amazing little invention. Each of the eight legs actually worked the way any spider’s legs would work. But it also came with three small wheels on the underside of the spider’s body. Its mobility could switch from the legs to the wheels in case a fast exit was necessary.

Over top of the metal and wires making up the spider’s endo-skeleton, it was covered with realistic fur, giving it a black, brown, and gold look.

For Trevor, the best part was that the face included a camera. Right between the eyes sat a tiny lens. And while the remote controller would operate the spider’s movements, Trevor would be able to see everything the spider saw by connecting it to an app on his phone.

Isn’t technology wonderful?

Trevor knew the timing had to be just right. So he waited. And he waited. He waited so long, in fact, he was unsure if the time would ever come when he would be able to pull off this prank.

Finally, it was just before Christmas when the opportunity came. Chloe and Trevor’s parents were heading out for the evening. Dad’s office’s annual holiday party. Chloe would be left in charge, but really, that just meant Trevor could do whatever he want because Chloe would ignore him anyway.

The evening was made even better when Chloe decided to make use of that stupid personal sauna that his mom had won on The Price Is Right back when she was in college.

Trevor wasn’t sure if he the mechanical spider had enough power to push the door to the sauna open, so instead, he simply maneuvered the toy to the back yard where it would sit and wait for Chloe to emerge. Again, he waited.

This time, in his waiting, he watched through the eyes of the tarantula. And he noticed that Chloe wasn’t alone inside that sauna. Trevor couldn’t angle the camera to properly see into the small window, but from the vantage point near the ground, he could clearly make out two shadows.

“She is so busted!” he cried out in a small thrill of victory.

This was too good to let a toy spider have all the fun. He wanted to bust Chloe himself. With the remote still in hand, he rushed out of his room and down the stairs. He got to the back door just in time to see Chloe and her boyfriend stepping out of the sauna.

It took Chloe all of two seconds to notice the enormous spider, causing her to completely spazz out. She grabbed onto the boyfriend’s arm and sent them both careening toward the pool. And then into the pool.

Trevor couldn’t have stopped laughing if Chloe had offered him money. This had all turned out so much better than he could have ever imagined.

Chloe was mortified, having been caught in an obviously compromising situation by her little brother. Her boyfriend climbed out of the pool, not bothering to help her out.

“What the hell was that about, Chloe?!” he yelled.

Chloe slowly made her way to the ladder while trying to keep covered up with her now soaked towel. “I’m sorry,” she cried, “But didn’t you see that huge spider?!”

“What spider?”

“It was right–” she began as she pointed to the spot where Trevor’s mechanical creature had been. But it was no longer there.

Trevor was smart enough to make sure the spider switched to fast getaway mode and moved it into the shadows of the back patio.

The boyfriend just shook his head and huffed. “I should have known this was a mistake,” he said as he stormed off toward the front of the house and, presumably, his car.

Chloe climbed out of the pool and tried to chase after him, but he was gone before she even got to the corner of the house. Under her breath, she angrily said Trevor’s name, as if it were a curse.

Slamming the back door behind her, she rushed into the house and screamed her brother’s name. Though she really didn’t need to, since he was right there waiting for her.

“You did this!” she yelled.

“You didn’t like Terry?” he asked, feigning innocence. “He’s the mechanical tarantula I found on Amazon last summer.”

Chloe was ready to wring Trevor’s neck. She was ready to settle for snatching the remote control out of her brother’s hands and smashing it instead.

Trevor just took a step back. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” he said, assuming a warning tone. “Whatever Terry sees, I see.” Trevor held up his phone, showing now a view of the back yard and pool from a corner of the patio where the spider was now hiding. “It records, too.”


“So… If you don’t want mom and dad to know about your unannounced guest, I’d suggest you just let this go,” said Trevor, being as manipulative as he thought he could be at his age.

“How do I know you won’t show them anyway?” she asked.

“You don’t,” he told her, “That’s all part of the fun!”

“Little sociopath!”

“Sticks and stones, sis.”

With that, they went their separate ways. Chloe stomped up the stairs to go dry off while Trevor headed outside to retrieve his most prized possession. Yeah, he thought, this is gonna be a lot more fun.

Thanks again to Kevin over at Master Mix Movies for this week’s challenge! Now that you’ve finished reading this story, head over to his blog, Master Mix Movies, and see what he’s up to. He’s got tons of great movie reviews and I’m always excited to see what movie he’s talking about next. This is the last challenge that’s been submitted to me, but if you’d like, you can still click here and leave something for me in the comments.

Feature Photo by Julio Arcadio Santamaría Reyes on Unsplash


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