I had another weird dream last night…

This time, I dreamed that I was the kid from Big. I was at the fair and I found myself alone with the creepy Zoltar machine.

Just like in the movie, I plunked in my quarter and got the machine working. Zoltar’s creepy eyes began to glow and his creepy head began to bob up and down, his mouth periodically opening wide. I made my wish… to be BIG.

After that… the dream deviates drastically from the movie.

I wasn’t aware until well into adulthood that Josh Baskin’s interaction with Zolter required more than just inserting a quarter, making a wish, and pushing a button. I don’t know how I missed it as a kid, but he had to aim the ramp at Zoltar’s mouth. Then he had to time the push of the button so that the quarter would launch into Zoltar’s open mouth.

When I was controlling this dream version of Zoltar, I almost missed. The hit Zoltar’s mouth and I almost panicked, thinking it would bounce back out and my wish wouldn’t come true. But the quarter just did get swallowed.

But the card that the machine spit out did not say “Your wish is granted.” Honestly, I can’t remember exactly what it said. I just remember it was a paragraph that explained why my wish was not coming true the way I was expecting.

I wake up the next morning (still in the dream) and Josh’s mom is yelling at me to strip the sheets off my bed so she can do laundry. Okay… no sweat. I’m still a kid. I’m not trapped in Tom Hanks’ body. I got ready for school and went down to argue with mom about how I didn’t have time to sit down for breakfast because I was late for school.

I grabbed some toast and as I was telling Josh’s mom good bye, I started growing.

Suddenly… I’m 12 feet tall and bending down in the dining room because the ceiling is a little too low now. I hit my head on the light fixture, which woke me up.

I haven’t watched Big recently. So I’m not sure why it entered my sleeping brain. But it was an interesting alternate version.

What’s your latest strange dream? Share down in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Zoltar

  1. I had just signed my contract for next year and I was so revealed. And then I had a dream of the first day of school and everything was horrible and a mess! It was so life like too!! And I woke up drained and not happy lol

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  2. Random things I haven’t thought of for years enter my dreams all the time. My last strange dream involved SpongeBob, protesters, and the Colosseum morphing into an airplane stewarded by someone I know from work… my dreams are always this level of strange.

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