My Favorite Posts from 2018

This is another one that’s pretty much become an annual tradition here at The Confusing Middle. Yesterday I looked back at which posts from the year were the most viewed according to the WordPress analytics. Today, I’m pulling out the posts that I personally enjoyed writing the most.

I will say that there are some on yesterday’s list that I would have happily included with today’s, but I didn’t want to be redundant. So, here are, in no particular order, my ten favorite blog posts from 2018.

The Reunion Questionnaire
In the build up to my 20 year high school reunion, we sent out a catch up survey to folks in our graduating class. These were my answers to those questions.

Get Off My Lawn
This is the rant of a guy who will one day make a very good old man who sits on his front porch and yells at those meddlesome neighbor kids.

5 Ways to Spend Leap Day - Quantum LeapWhat Would Quantum Leap Look Like Today?
I loved the show Quantum Leap when I was a kid. And I couldn’t help but wonder what a reboot of this show would look like. In a world where they recycle and “re-imagine” just about every idea that was around 20 and 30 years ago, where’s the new Quantum Leap series?

Granite Dreams
Remember how the Olympics happened last year? Remember how the U.S. Men’s Curling Team won gold? Remember how they just looked like a quartet of dads who just stumbled into the Olympics somehow? This is my pitch for a movie based on that idea.

A Strange Connection?
This is the one where I decided to get creative after re-watching the classic Tom Hanks comedy, Big. I realized that one could easily connect the events of Big to the world built in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It makes sense.

Paying Off the Car
I paid off my car in 2018. I was really proud of myself because it’s probably the most grown-up thing I’ve ever done.

Old Commercials and Anxiety
This one time I got caught up watching montages of old commercials on the YouTube and I was reminded of a time when I worked in one of those packing/shipping stores. It awakened a horrible sense of anxiety connected to that job.

Making a Donation - SupermanTop 10 Superman Stories
This one is pretty self explanatory, given the title. I like Superman. These are my favorite stories featuring Superman.

Fitting In
I recently felt the need to get introspective because I’ve found myself in a place where, I’m just not sure where I fit socially anymore. I could just be on the road to hermitdom. It is too a word! You’re not a word!

The Prince
Most recently on this list, I took a cue from Ely at She Gives No Fox and took a look back at the first time a teacher ever inspired me to write creatively.

So… Those are the posts. Do with them what you will. Personally, I hope you enjoy them. I had a blast writing them. And re-reading them over the last few days. I’m incredibly insightful. And hilarious. But you already knew that! See you tomorrow, kids!


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