Paying Off the Car

Kids… Yesterday morning, I did the most adult thing I’ve ever done in my adult life. I paid off my car.

I can’t believe there was no fanfare!

I’ve had my car, a 2009 Toyota Corolla, for less than five years. My payment plan was designed to last for five years. And yet, here I am, making my final payment four months early.

I know, it’s not that impressive… paying a car off four months earlier than was initially intended. But you have to understand, I don’t actually make a lot of money. So the fact that I’ve been able to pay extra on it at all is kind of a miracle.

Actually, it’s not a miracle. It’s more like strategic planning.

See, my first payment on the car was meant to be $286 and some change. But I rounded up. I paid $290. And I paid $290 every month thereafter. Little by little, I chipped away at what I owed on my car. I knew it wouldn’t amount to much in the long run, but it did mean making my final payment four months earlier than I was meant to.

I went onto the Toyota website to make my final payment yesterday. I clicked to confirm my payment. And then… nothing.

I was expecting congratulatory banners to drop from the ceiling! Confetti to burst into the air! 76 bloody trombones and all that!

But I got no fanfare. No congratulations. Toyota didn’t even acknowledge that this was my final payment. They just sent their regular email thanking me for my payment.

Though, I’m sure I can expect to get a few phone calls in the next week or so imploring me to trade in my car for a newer model. Now that I don’t have a car payment, I can afford to buy a new car, right?

Yeah… I don’t think so. Pretty sure I’m just gonna bask in the glow of having one less payment each month for a while. As long as possible…


5 thoughts on “Paying Off the Car

  1. You may have been in a celebratory mood, but the car company just lost a regularly paying customer- they are not very happy, so they don’t want to show you any kind of congratulations. On the other hand… YAY!! YOU’RE AWESOME!!!

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  2. Congratulations! We can be your Fanfare! That must be an amazing feeling. Think of all the extra desserts you can buy each month now 😛 HAH! .xo.


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