Question of the Week #163

If there were a public execution on television, would you watch it?

You know, it would be easy to sit here and say no… It would be easy to call something like that disgusting… the epitome of trash TV. And yet…

I complain about the horrendous nature of “reality” television. I can’t stand a Kardashian. I think The Bachelor is ridiculous. But I make time three nights a week every summer to stay caught up on what the house guests are up to on Big Brother. Which, I know, makes me a hypocrite.

Initially, I think I’d have those thoughts, if they were to decide to start televising executions. I’d claim I’d never watch something like that and that it’s despicable. But I’d probably fall into the trap of eventually tuning in. And that’s how we eventually evolve into the world of The Hunger Games.

But what about you? Would you watch it if the powers that be decided to televise a public execution? What companies would sponsor something like that? Who would buy that ad time?

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.

One thought on “Question of the Week #163

  1. Lol..I’ve never seen an episode of the bachelor or the Kardashian’s in fact I can’t tell the kardashians apart, but I Too watch Big Brother (and follow blogs and live tweets 😳) lol. This question made me think about the Handmaids Tale on Hulu. Have you watched this at all? I normally don’t go for the dystopian futurie type movies or shows, but loved this story…anyway. They carry out live and public executions and it became the “norm” in their society. I think if we ever had a situation where it was broadcast live, I too would give into the trap at least the first time. I see myself covering my eyes at the last minute and I doubt I would continue after that. I would want just enough experience to be able to keep up with a conversation about it at the water cooler, but hats probably it.


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