Question of the Week #343

Do you think that living as if you control your own destiny is a good idea? Do you live that way? It's called free will, y'all. I absolutely live this way. *The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.

Question of the Week #341

Would you rather die peacefully among friends at age 50, or painfully and alone at age 80? Give me the peaceful death at 50, please and thank you. I know it's pessimistic... But this is a crappy world that we live in. And it's not gonna get any better. Sure, there are a lot of … Continue reading Question of the Week #341


Question of the Week #340

If you could travel into the past but not return, would you? Where would you go and what would you try to do if your goal was to reshape history? Well... For the first question, no. I like to think of time travel, if it were possible, as a tourism sort of deal. It's like … Continue reading Question of the Week #340

Question of the Week #339

You and someone you love deeply are placed in separate rooms, each with a button next to you. You each know that you both will be killed unless one of you presses your button in the next 60 minutes. You also know that the first to hit the button will save the other, but immediately … Continue reading Question of the Week #339

Question of the Week #338

If you were sentenced to hear one of the following all morning, every morning for the next year, which would be worst: a baby crying, someone screaming, someone cursing drunkenly, or the song "It's a Small World" played over and over and over again? I feel like the annoyance of "It's a Small World" would … Continue reading Question of the Week #338

Question of the Week #337

Had you lived in 1900 and known that cars would cause 20 million deaths in the next century, would you have wanted to halt their development? What present technologies do you think are too dangerous to develop, given that each year cars kill 500,000 people and cigarettes take 5 million? Clearly a follow-up to last … Continue reading Question of the Week #337

Question of the Week #335

If your parents became infirm and you had to either bring them into your home or put them in a nursing home, which would you do? What about any siblings of yours who were unable to care for themselves? Sorry, mom... I gotta say nursing home. I hope that doesn't sound cruel. And it isn't … Continue reading Question of the Week #335

Question of the Week #334

What in your life do you think will seem most meaningful when you look back many years from now? What do you think you'll regret when you look back? Most meaningful? Time spent with friends and family. Conversations that carry on late into the night. Sitting by fire pits in back yards. Watching Back to … Continue reading Question of the Week #334

Question of the Week #333

If you knew you were destined never to achieve anything of real importance, how would it change your goals and attitudes? What if you knew you were destined for great things but didn't know what? Well... that about sums it up for me. Talk about an existential crisis. One that I actually struggle with on … Continue reading Question of the Week #333

Question of the Week #332

If you knew that in-depth snooping would be commonplace within a decade and that everyone's life would be an open book for all to see, in what ways might you start to behave differently? Do you think that knowing everything about the people around you would be a good thing? I don't think I would … Continue reading Question of the Week #332