Question of the Week #299

Would you want to implant a rice grain-sized computer chip in your fingertip to enable you to throw away your credit cards and keys, and use a simple hand wave to make a purchase and unlock doors? Could I also use this grain of rice to unlock and start my car? If so, I say … Continue reading Question of the Week #299

Question of the Week #298

What was your best experience with drugs or alcohol? Your worst? Honestly, I've never had a lot of exposure to drugs or alcohol. Sure, alcohol is readily available everywhere I turn. I mean, I live right next door to a brewery that has no fewer than 11 original brews on tap any time their doors … Continue reading Question of the Week #298

Question of the Week #297

If you knew that devoting yourself to an all-consuming occupation--music, writing, acting, business, politics, or medicine--for 20 years would make you one of the best in the world at it, would you? If so, which would you choose? Absolutely, I would. And of those listed, I'd definitely go with writing. I already love to write … Continue reading Question of the Week #297

Question of the Week #296

Do you feel you have enough time? If not, what might give you that feeling? As you age, are you becoming less or more concerned about "wasting" time? It's funny... sometimes I feel like I have too much time. Which is ridiculous because I have so much that needs to be done. But I think … Continue reading Question of the Week #296

Question of the Week #295

Would you give up half of what you own for a pill that would permanently alter you so that sleeping an hour a day would fully refresh you without side effects? Absolutely. First off, let's consider giving up half of what I own. I don't actually own all that much. And most of my possessions … Continue reading Question of the Week #295

Question of the Week #293

What is your greatest accomplishment? Has it meant as much to you as you thought it would? Is there anything you hope to do that would be even better? This is a difficult question for me to answer. Maybe it comes down to a confidence or self-esteem issue. But I just don't consider myself very … Continue reading Question of the Week #293

Question of the Week #292

If you found that you had only 6 months to live, but wouldn't look ill until near the end, how long would you wait to tell family? Friends? Acquaintances? This feels like a spin-off of last week's question... I think, in this situation, I'd tell my closest family and friends right away. Because I'd want … Continue reading Question of the Week #292

Question of the Week #291

If a very close friend learned she had incurable cancer and only 6 months to live, would you withdraw or try to spend more time with her? If she's really a very close friend, why on earth would I withdraw? I mean... I guess I can understand why some people would. It's going to hurt … Continue reading Question of the Week #291

Question of the Week #290

If you could have free, unlimited service for 5 years from an extremely good cook, chauffer, housekeeper, masseuse, or personal secretary, which would you choose? Well... this is interesting. I don't have enough going on in my life to need a personal secretary that could keep track of all my appointments and make sure I … Continue reading Question of the Week #290

Question of the Week #289

If God appeared to you in a series of vivid and moving dreams and told you to leave everything behind, travel alone to the Sea of Galilee, and become a fisherman, would you? If I had no doubt in my heart and mind that it was really God prompting me to do this, then yes, … Continue reading Question of the Week #289