Question of the Week #326

Would you be willing to give up sex for a year if you knew it would give you a much deeper sense of peace than you have now? What would you be willing to give up to have as much wonderful sex as you desire for the next year? Sure... Not really giving up anything … Continue reading Question of the Week #326

Question of the Week #325

Terrorists send the president a message saying that unless he gives them $25 billion, they'll detonate a nuclear bomb in Manhattan. What should the president do? What would you do? Would you feel differently if the city were El Paso or Indianapolis? I hate this type of question. It's the Kobayashi Maru of questions. A … Continue reading Question of the Week #325

Question of the Week – #324

If you walked out your door one morning and saw a bird with a broken wing huddled in a bush, what would you do? Why? Honestly, it would depend on how much of a hurry I'm in as I'm leaving the apartment. Not to sound heartless or anything... But if I was leaving for work, … Continue reading Question of the Week – #324

Question of the Week #323

Some concierge health-care business will, for one up-front fee, guarantee free, world-class medical care for any future medical issues you face. How much of what you now own would you give up for such security? I would much rather that the wealthiest nation in the world just have universal healthcare. That is all. *The Question … Continue reading Question of the Week #323

Question of the Week #322

Do you have any specific long-term goals? If so, which is the most important, how do you hope to reach it, and how do you think reaching it will enhance your life? Long-term goals? I'm going to admit something that I know doesn't go over well with a lot of people. I'm not a very … Continue reading Question of the Week #322

Question of the Week #321

How often do you step back and reflect on where you are headed? Would less or more self-reflection be good for you? I think about it all the time. Because I'm not thrilled with my current trajectory. I'm trying to change it. But change is difficult. But the change will come. I have to believe … Continue reading Question of the Week #321

Question of the Week #320

Since being deprived of the Internet would be viewed by many as a serious punishment, do you think it is right to give Internet access to those in prison who are ostensibly being punished for a serious crime they've committed? I think it's okay to allow limited internet access to convicts. The internet can be … Continue reading Question of the Week #320

Question of the Week #319

If what you owned had no bearing on what people thought of you, would you spend your money differently? Absolutely not. Because I'm 100% certain that nothing I own has anything to do with what anyone thinks of me. It's not as if I have lots of money and I try to show off by … Continue reading Question of the Week #319

Question of the Week #318

Trigger warning... again... Should it be against the law to help a terminally ill person die? If so, why? If a person weren't dying but in profound emotional pain, should he or she be allowed to commit suicide? This is something of a follow up to last week's question. Based on the answer I gave … Continue reading Question of the Week #318

Question of the Week #317

Trigger Warning: Death; Suicide; Assisted Suicide If your mother were in pain, bedridden, and a few weeks from death, and she begged you to give her poison so she could take her own life, would you find a way to get it for her? Yes, I would. This is the kind of question that I've … Continue reading Question of the Week #317