You know, I can go years without remembering that Spam is a “food” product that actually exists. But then, somehow, it comes up. And I’m bombarded with reminders of its existence everywhere.

The other day, I don’t know who started talking about it, but it became the topic of discussion for a minute or two. Someone mentioned that it’s actually not bad if you pan fry it. I’m sorry, I never get that far without vomiting. See, to get it to the point where it’s pan fried and edible, you have to first get it out of the can. And you have to clean off the gel that it’s packed in. Gross. No thank you.

For the last couple of days, I’ve seen multiple commercials for Spam. No, that sounds like there’s an ad campaign with different commercials for the stuff. It’s one commercial that I’ve seen, probably, a dozen times. Again, they’re pushing the concept of pan frying the Spam. Because that magically takes your mind off the fact that it’s made up of the stuff that they refused to put in hot dogs.

You know what? There’s a reason we call unwanted email “spam.” Think about that next time you pull the top off your canned meat, Hawaii.

Regina George - Spam

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