You know, I can go years without remembering that Spam is a "food" product that actually exists. But then, somehow, it comes up. And I'm bombarded with reminders of its existence everywhere. The other day, I don't know who started talking about it, but it became the topic of discussion for a minute or two. … Continue reading Spam


We moved a lot when I was a kid. No, I wasn't an army brat. Dad just had this nomadic streak about him. The longest amount of time we ever spent in one place was 18 months. That was because of a recession and we couldn't afford to move. Or so I was told. I … Continue reading Moves

Why Zack and Kelly Never Should Have Broken Up

Kids, do you realize that Saved By the Bell is available to watch on Netflix any time you want to see it? You can't see the college years, but that was a poorly executed, if well-intentioned idea anyway. What you can see is every episode featuring Zack Morris and the original gang from Bayside High. … Continue reading Why Zack and Kelly Never Should Have Broken Up