I Know It’s Stupid… But…

Smart phones. Both a blessing and a curse, am I right? Maybe just a curse, depending on how you look at them. I simply mean there are a lot of conveniences that can be great for making out lives easier. And there are also a lot of things associated with those tiny pocket computers that … Continue reading I Know It’s Stupid… But…


One Week Later: Life with the iPhone

I know it's just a phone. I mean, it's not just a phone. It's a tiny computer that fits in the palm of my hand. And it does so much more than Alexander Graham Bell ever dreamed that a telephone would do. But it's just a phone. Right? I really like it, though. I know. … Continue reading One Week Later: Life with the iPhone


Do you ever feel like people just aren't receiving my texts? Maybe it's just me that feels that way. After all, you probably don't care whether or not people are reading my text messages. I just have to wonder what's happening to the messages I'm sending out sometimes. And overthinking tends to make me a … Continue reading Texting

The Lure of the Dark Side

I've been a PC. All my adult life. There was a time, in high school, when I flirted with the idea of using a Mac. But that was because all of the writing labs at school were equipped with Apple products. And that was before having anything with the Apple logo on it was the … Continue reading The Lure of the Dark Side

Smart Phones, Dumb People

Do you ever have a craving for certain foods? Of course you do. I'm not talking about the stereotypical bizarre cravings that can come with pregnancy. Do those even really exist? Do pregnant women really crave chocolate covered pickles or is that just something they use for comedic purposes in Hollywood? I digress. A few … Continue reading Smart Phones, Dumb People