Rewatching Buffy – Episodes 16, 17, & 18

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 20 years ago.

Inca Mummy Girl

  • There’s a cultural exchange program happening in Sunnydale. Buffy’s not thrilled.
  • The kids are on a field trip at a museum. These things never end well.
  • Last time there was a field trip, Xander was possessed by a hyena.
  • The class troublemaker of the week decides it’ll be a good idea to steal the seal that’s said to keep an Inca Mummy Princess at rest.
  • He breaks it. She wakes up. He dies.
  • The good guys go to investigate when troublemaker of the week doesn’t return home from the museum and discover the broken seal.
  • They’re then attacked by a strange guy. No explanation for that.
  • Buffy goes to the bus station to pick up her exchange guy. But he’s been killed by the mummy. She took over using his name.
  • Cordelia is dating Devon this week. I only mention that because his bandmate is Oz. He becomes important later.
  • Xander has a crush on Buffy’s exchange student. She seems to like him, too.
  • But she’s obviously a mummy.
  • Strange guy attacks Xander while he’s hanging out with Mummy Princess. And he recognizes her.
  • Mummy Princess confronts Strange Guy and kills him, sucking away his life force.
  • The rest of “Ampata’s” things arrive from the bus station. Clearly these things are for a boy.
  • Strange guy turned out to be Mummy Princess’ bodyguard. He was supposed to keep her from waking. He failed.
  • From the stage, Oz notices Willow in her Eskimo costume. He likes what he sees.
  • While dancing with Xander, Inca Mummy Princess realizes that the last of her bodyguard’s life force is running out.
  • She needs to suck someone else’s life away, but doesn’t want to steal Xander’s.
  • So she goes after an unnamed kid who we’ll later know as Jonathan. She’s about to kiss his life away when Xander finds her. Jonathan takes off before Xander catches them together.
  • She kisses Xander, but breaks it off before she kills him.
  • Giles is putting the seal back together. Mummy Princess senses it and heads to the museum to stop him.
  • She breaks the seal into smaller pieces, but isn’t able to absorb anyone’s life in time to stop herself from turning back into a mummy.
  • Body count: Humans – 3, Inca Mummy Princesses – 1

Reptile Boy

  • The kids are hanging out in Buffy’s room watching the very best of Indian cinema. Sunnydale’s been quiet lately.
  • Cut to a girl on the run from a bunch of guys in robes. Must be rush week at the local college.
  • Meanwhile, Cordelia is bragging about dating a college guy. I think this is all gonna tie in somehow.
  • College guy that Cordelia is dating is one of the guys that was in a robe.
  • He has a friend that spots Buffy and wants to meet her. Cordelia is unhappy to make the introduction.
  • Should a senior in college be hitting on a junior in high school? I mean, I know five years isn’t much in the scheme of things, but dude, she’s still in high school. She’s barely old enough to have a driver’s license.
  • Then again, she is in love with a guy who’s celebrated his own bicentennial.
  • Age, clearly, is just a number.
  • Speaking of Bicentennial Man… Angel appears while Buffy’s on patrol.
  • She finds part of some kind of ID bracelet in the graveyard.
  • The next day, Cordelia needs Buffy to go with her to the frat party.
  • Frat guys are inducting a new guy. He’s swearing an oath to some kind of demon.
  • So the fraternity is a cover for some demon worshipers. And they’ve got the girl from the beginning chained up.
  • Buffy lies to Giles about needing to stay in instead of going on patrol. But when she gets to the party, she’s miserable.
  • She steps outside and finds the rest of the broken ID bracelet.
  • Buffy’s been roofied. And when someone tries to mess with her, a frat guy steps in and informs the guy that she’s for “the one.” Time for the human sacrifices.
  • Buffy and Cordelia are chained up next to the missing girl.
  • Willow, Giles, and Angel realize that the missing girl was probably abducted by the fraternity.
  • Willow goes off on Angel and Giles when the truth about her going to the party comes out. That was kind of fun.
  • A big reptilian demon emerges from a pit. But Buffy breaks loose and starts fighting back.
  • Buffy cuts Reptile Boy in half. All’s well that ends well.
  • Body count: Reptile Boys – 1


  • We open on Buffy fighting a vampire. While another vampire videos the confrontation from the shadows.
  • The battery’s low, so the vampire shakes the camera. Because that works. I’m sure that’ll give you enough juice to finish filming the fight.
  • Buffy stakes the vampire. The vampire from the A/V Club sneaks away.
  • Principal Snyder has voluntold Buffy and the gang that they’ll be helping with escorting kids for trick-or-treating.
  • It’s funny. When Giles gets flustered, he automatically removes his glasses.
  • buffy-halloweenBuffy and Willow steal old Watcher’s Diaries to get an idea of what Angel might have found attractive back in his day.
  • Cordelia has a thing for Angel. She doesn’t realize he’s a vampire and thinks Buffy’s just trying to scare her off.
  • Time to shop at a costume store. Xander got a toy gun that he’ll pair with some fatigues he’s got at home. He’s gonna be a soldier.
  • Buffy finds a dress like the one worn by a girl in the Watcher’s Diaries. She’s gonna be a proper lady.
  • Spike is watching the video of Buffy’s fight. Once more, he’s studying his enemy.
  • Uh oh… costume store owner is performing some ritual. Apparently, he worships chaos. That’s not normal, right?
  • Buffy is dressed like a lady. Willow is dressed like a lady… of the night. Not really, but she’s really not comfortable with the amount of skin she’s showing. So she comes down the stairs dressed as a ghost instead.
  • More ritual from chaotic costume guy. And suddenly everyone turns into their costumes. That can’t be good.
  • Kids turn into demons. Willow dies and turns into an actual ghost. Xander becomes an actual soldier. And Buffy becomes a helpless girl in a fancy dress.
  • Cordelia didn’t transform. But why?
  • Angel shows up at Buffy’s house after Willow goes to find Giles.
  • While Angel is fighting off a vampire, his face vamps out and Buffy gets scared and runs away.
  • Giles and Willow figure out that Cordelia didn’t change because she got her costume at Party Town. All the others came from the new place: Ethan’s.
  • They go to Ethan’s to find out what’s going on. Giles knows this Ethan Rayne person.
  • Ethan calls Giles “Ripper.” I’m sensing back story that we’re not getting to yet. He hints at a dark past.
  • Giles pretty much wails on Ethan until he tells him how to break the curse.
  • Which he does. Just in time. Spike was just about to kill the helpless Buffy when she returns to normal and kicks his butt.
  • And then Ethan vanishes without a trace. That’s sure to be the last we’ll see of that guy.
  • Except he leaves a note for Ripper. “Be seeing you…”
  • Body count: Vampires – 1

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