10 Foods I’ve Missed on Whole30

Kids, in less that one week, I will be finished with the 30 days required for the Whole30. I’m gonna kick this thing in the teeth.

There have been so many things I’ve missed about my regular diet. I don’t think I’m capable of listing all of the foods that have crossed my mind in the month of February, but here are the ten I’ve missed the most.

10. Cereal – specifically, Frosted Flakes
9. Sandwiches – the bread, the processed meats, the mayonnaise…
8. Chicken Nuggets – I got in the habit before Whole30 of getting the kinds shaped like dinosaurs… they’re just more fun to eat
7. Biscuits & Gravy – Hardee’s version is pretty dang good
6. Pop-Tarts – unfrosted strawberry
5. Macaroni & Cheese – at this point, I don’t care if it’s my grandmother’s or the blue box
4. Banana Pudding – one of the few desserts I love
3. Key Lime Pie – the other of few desserts I love
2. Bacon – why they gotta cure that junk in so much sugar?
1. Pizza – was there ever any question of what would take the number one spot?

I’m not saying I’ll be eating all of these things when I come off Whole30 next Friday. But I’m definitely not following Whole30’s suggested step down process. Erin was talking about it the other day, reading off the schedule. It goes something like: Day 1, reintroduce legumes while eating everything else Whole30, see how you feel, then two days on Whole30; Day 4, reintroduce non-gluten grains while eating everything else Whole30, see how you feel, then two days on Whole30… She could have continued but I cut her off.

No. We’ve suffered enough.

I’m having pizza for breakfast next Friday!The Single Guy Bites a Bullet - Treat Yo Self


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