Rewatching Buffy – Episodes 13, 14, & 15

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 20 years ago.

Time for season 2! In my opinion, this was the year when Buffy really hit its stride. It’s the first full season. We’re introduced to Spike & Drusilla. And Angel becomes a lead. Exciting times, folks.

When She Was Bad

  • We start with a recap of last season. Helpful if I hadn’t just watched all 12 episodes in recent weeks.
  • Aw, that’s cute. Willow and Xander are hanging out in a cemetery. Because that’s where people hang out in Sunnydale.
  • There’s almost a romantic moment there. In the cemetery. But it’s interrupted by a vampire. Shocker.
  • And Buffy shows up just in time to save the day. I mean night. First vampire of the season turned to dust.
  • Buffy’s been in LA with her dad all summer. And, apparently, that was the first vampire anyone’s seen since Buffy killed the Master, whose bones Giles and the gang buried in Buffy’s absence.
  • Snyder gives Giles a lecture about how kids are hormonal time bombs. Meanwhile, Giles melts at the sight of Ms. Calendar.
  • Buffy seems kind of distant. Not quite herself.
  • Hardcore training montage in the library. It’s interspersed with images of the Master. It’s almost like it’s the 80s. But it’s the 90s.
  • There are vampires hanging out in an abandoned factory. The Anointed One is still alive.
  • Uh… Giles just attacked Buffy. Xander and Willow are just watching like nothing’s wrong. Then Buffy removes Giles’ face and he’s really the Master.
  • Oh, right… dream.
  • Angel is pulling a Twilight… standing there watching as Buffy wakes up. Not creepy at all, dude.
  • Still, she’s kind of harsh with him.
  • And she’s harsh with Cordelia.
  • Pretty much with everyone.
  • The Anointed One’s posse is digging up the Master’s bones.
  • And now they’ve abducted Cordelia.
  • They’ve got Ms. Calendar, too.
  • I think they’re up to something. Something no good.
  • Buffy gets a note saying they’ll kill Cordelia if she doesn’t come to the Bronze.
  • She comes across a lone vampire and no Cordelia.
  • It’s a trap. Just not for Buffy.
  • They took Willow and Giles. They left Xander with a bloody nose. Why didn’t they kill him?
  • The vampires’ ritual to raise the Master requires his bones and the blood of those who were closest in proximity when he died.
  • Lone vampire at the Bronze gives up the location of the factory.
  • Buffy announces her presence by killing one of the vamps. And another. And another. And then two in one swipe. Impressive. Oh, and the Anointed snuck out.
  • This, of course, is followed by Buffy smashing the Master’s bones with a sledgehammer. Issues dealt with.
  • Body count: Vampires – 6

Some Assembly Required

  • Buffy’s waiting on a vampire to rise from his grave. Angel shows up and they argue about her dancing with Xander in the last episode.
  • Kind of a distraction, but she still manages to slay the vampire. Before falling into an open grave and figuring out that a body was stolen.
  • We’re now introduced to creepy photographer and guy with a unibrow. I’m sure they’re our grave robbers.
  • And there are two other corpses missing from their graves.
  • In a humorous turn of events, Cordelia finds a severed hand in a dumpster.
  • Back story: Unibrow’s brother recently died. That’ll probably be important later. Probably has something to do with why he and creepy photographer are digging up bodies.
  • Giles is nervous about asking out Ms. Calendar. He misses his chance, but then she asks him out instead.
  • Unibrow and Creepy Photographer have every part they need to build the “perfect” girl except a head. Creepy Photographer wants to just kill someone to finish the body.
  • Because Unibrow’s brother has been re-animated. He looks like Frankenstein’s monster.
  • Undead Athlete wants Cordelia’s head to be the head attached to the multi-girl.
  • Buffy checks out Unibrow’s basement and figures out that they’re going after Cordelia.
  • She saves Cordelia from Creepy Photographer. Then Undead Athlete decides he’ll just go grab her himself.
  • Cordelia got abducted two episodes in a row. Dang.
  • Buffy saves Cordelia again. Undead Athlete kind of Hulks out and destroys the lab in the process.
  • He realizes his multi-girl is going to burn up in the fire and he goes to burn with her.
  • Body count: Vampires – 1; Undead Athletes – 1

School Hard

  • Buffy begins the episode in Principal Snyder’s office. That can’t be good.
  • He’s assigned her and another random troublemaker to take charge of parent/teacher night.
  • Enter: Spike. He crashes his car into the Welcome to Sunnydale sign.
  • Spike walks into the factory where the Anointed and his posse are hanging out.
  • He makes fun of a vampire who claims to have been witnessed the crucifixion and introduces himself to the Anointed.
  • Spike wants to kill the Slayer. Claims to have killed two Slayers in the past.
  • buffy-spike-and-druEnter: Drusilla. Spike says she shouldn’t be walking around. She’s weak. Also, she’s insane.
  • Buffy is stressed over all the things. I think she should just stake Snyder. Then she wouldn’t have to worry about the threat of expulsion and school becomes a non-issue.
  • Spike is stalking Buffy at the Bronze. Hey, that’s Angel’s move, buster!
  • Oh, this is good. He tells a henchvamp to “get something to eat” so he can watch Buffy in action. Very Art of War.
  • She slays, then out steps Spike with a slow clap. Then he claims that he’ll kill her on Saturday. Apparently that’s the Night of St. Vigeous. Some vampire holiday, I guess.
  • Buffy’s delinquent co-troublemaker encounters Spike. Her two companions were killed. She is taken to be a meal for Drusilla.
  • Back in the library, we’re trying to figure out who Spike is. Angel knows him.
  • Parent/teacher night arrives and, despite Buffy’s best efforts, her mom meets Snyder.
  • Spike’s claim of killing two Slayers is confirmed by Giles’ books.
  • As parent/teacher night comes to a close, Buffy’s in trouble and Spike crashes the party.
  • He didn’t want to wait until Saturday. Some people are just so impatient.
  • Spike tells a parent he’s too old to eat. So instead he just snaps his neck.
  • Snyder thinks the gang of vampires are people on PCP.
  • Snyder and some idiot try to get out through a window. Some idiot gets killed.
  • Buffy takes out a vampire that’s almost in the room where her mom and Snyder are hiding.
  • Delinquent is back. She’s a vampire.
  • Angel and Spike have a nice little reunion. Angel tries to make him think he’s still evil. Spike doesn’t buy it, though.
  • Buffy kills another vamp as Delinquent gets away.
  • Fight montage! Buffy vs. Spike! Angel & Xander vs. random vampires!
  • Spike gets the upper hand. Then Joyce hits him from behind with the blunt side of an ax. Summers girls for the win.
  • Spike gets away. Snyder appears to know more about the strange goings on than he’s letting on.
  • Joyce and Buffy have a heart to heart. She doesn’t care about the stuff that gets Buffy into trouble and is proud to know she can take care of herself and is concerned for the safety of others. Aww…
  • Spike refers to the Anointed as the Annoying One. Ha!
  • And then he kills him. Good thing, too. That dude was played by a kid who couldn’t age anymore since he was a vampire. Solves the problem of a little kid growing up behind the scenes.
  • Body count: Humans – 5; Vampires – 3

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