Question of the Week #37

So I took a week off from asking the question last Saturday. I was busy having an amazing weekend with some pretty amazing friends. If you’re curious about that, you can find out more here. But now, without further gilding the lily, here’s this week’s question…

What was your best experience with drugs or alcohol? your worst experience?

Question 37 - Michael ScottAll right… I need to admit something. I cannot get drunk. I know… it sounds impossible. But it’s pretty much true. The story of how I discovered this superpower is probably my worst experience with the alcohol. Not that it wasn’t a good time. I was just a little disappointed. Look, when I quit working for the bank and left North Carolina, my managers and coworkers decided to throw me a goodbye party. That party involved Jell-o shots. According to the guy who made them, these things were really strong. He hadn’t realized he made them as strong as he had. Over the course of a couple hours, I had eight of them. Now, I also ate some pizza during that time, but not a whole lot. I may not have come out of it blackout drunk, but I expected to at least feel something from the effects of the alcohol. But I felt nothing. I could have finished those shots and probably done well on a really difficult exam. So I really haven’t done a lot of drinking since then. Because alcohol is expensive and it doesn’t really taste that great to me. Why waste money on something that’s not going to actually drown my sorrows?Question 37 - Animal HouseMy best experience is something that actually doesn’t involve me drinking at all. I’m gonna go with the time I went back to Bluefield for homecoming and stayed with Andy and Dereck. Mark and I decided to make a late night run to the Omelet Shoppe. Dereck was pretty drunk and was very concerned about where we were going. He put his hands on our shoulders and told us to be really careful out there. Then he hugged us both and told us he loved us. It was very touching. He may have thought we were shipping off to war, but I can’t be 100% on that.

As for drugs, I’ve never tried anything that wasn’t over the counter or prescribed by a doctor. I’m just not into that kind of thing. The strongest drug I’ve ever taken has probably been Ny-Quil, which is phenomenal.Question 37 - Hibernol*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.

One thought on “Question of the Week #37

  1. I admit to a fair bit of under age drinking, but I’ve never had a hangover. The first time I ever had anything to drink was 7+ shots of vodka in a 1-2 hour span, and it really wasn’t that exciting. (Ok, no, that’s not true- my first alcohol experience was when I was 2, stealing my dad’s beer off the car’s bumper when he was working on the engine.) I didn’t have much of a reaction (well, maybe when I was 2… but it was probably hard to distinguish between a toddler walking around tripping over her own feet and a drunk toddler doing the exact same thing.) I’m really the only one of that group that remembered that night, and it was pretty boring with everyone around me starting to pass out on the floor.

    Alcohol doesn’t have a huge affect on me other than making my shoulders burn. I know, weird. And it tends to make me a little happier in general, but that could just be because the majority of times I’ve had drinks, I was around friends just having a good time or at a wedding which are generally thought joyful occasions. So maybe it’s my surroundings. But the shoulders still burn. I won’t do beer though- that stuff is nasty.

    I never did anything really that could be considered a drug unless you count caffeine in vast amounts of Mountain Dew or prescriptions. I just never saw the point.


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