Question of the Week #298

What was your best experience with drugs or alcohol? Your worst? Honestly, I've never had a lot of exposure to drugs or alcohol. Sure, alcohol is readily available everywhere I turn. I mean, I live right next door to a brewery that has no fewer than 11 original brews on tap any time their doors … Continue reading Question of the Week #298


"This isn't really my kind of place!" yelled Leigh over the noise of the crowd. Christine just shook her head. "That's why we're here! Time for you to get out more!" Leigh sat at the bar and absentmindedly stirred her drink. Exams were over and Christine had talked her into going out to celebrate the … Continue reading Luscious

AFI #67 – Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1966 Directed by Mike Nichols Netflix says... On a serene New England campus, emasculated professor George (Richard Burton) and his rancorous wife, Martha (Elizabeth Taylor), turn an evening of cocktails into an unrelenting onslaught of wrenching disclosures and bellowed epithets. Soon, the couple's guests--junior professor Nick (George Segal) and his … Continue reading AFI #67 – Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

So Many Questions: Part I

I'm always willing to rehash old blog posts or ideas that I've blatantly stolen from other people's blogs. It's not that I don't feel particularly creative on a given day. It's probably more of a laziness thing. But I don't feel like I'm lazy. I just, more often than not, get home from work and … Continue reading So Many Questions: Part I

Go Home Again

The bus pulled into the station at exactly 7:03. The sun was long gone and the tiny town was lit by street lights and blinking traffic lights. Kathryn stepped off the Greyhound and closed up her jacket. She had forgotten how cold this place got on a January evening. She walked over to the side … Continue reading Go Home Again

Question of the Week #37

So I took a week off from asking the question last Saturday. I was busy having an amazing weekend with some pretty amazing friends. If you're curious about that, you can find out more here. But now, without further gilding the lily, here's this week's question... What was your best experience with drugs or alcohol? … Continue reading Question of the Week #37


Originally written in August of 2010... Caleb's hand trembled as he put the bottle to his lips. He was shaking so much that a part of him was scared he would drop the bottle. Another part of him didn't care. That part would be just as content with watching the glass shatter as with drinking … Continue reading Faith